Cheap flights Smartfares reviews

Cheap flights Smartfares reviews

Cheap airfaire reviews, phone number +570015088266, is an online travel agency, providing flights, hotels, cars and cruises. Their prices are some of the lowest on the market, and they are used for comparison with competing agencies on websites such as

Where Can I FLY? Travel inspiration and booking cheap flights, cheap airline tickets, cheap airfaires and discount

Smartfares flights

In below example, we are looking for a flight from Kiev to Warsaw, which necessitates a passport check, for a departure on the day after booking.

The search starts by filling in their form, which allows for all the standard flight search options, one way ticket, return flight or round trip, and multi city flights, in case of more than 2 segments, and if the arrival of the second segment is not the same as the first one.

It is also possible to compare the fares on plus or minus 3 days, in order to find the lowest ones when being flexible.

The form filled in, a waiting screen is displayed while the search results are being retrieved, which usually only takes a few seconds.

Smartfares cheap flight quotes

The search results are clear, and the prices shown includes all expenses, no hidden fees are hidden behind this price, and is the final price to be paid.

The Smartfares cancellation policy, the 24 hours free cancellation, however, is to be bought as a supplement, and does not apply on all flights unless the supplement for a possible cancelation has been paid.

It is also possible to setup a price alert for flights, meaning that the site Smartfare will periodically look for updated prices for this flight, and send you by email this result, letting you know if price has been going up or down since your last visit.

Even without having selected the flexible dates options on the form screen, an option is available from the search results to see flexible dates options for that search, directly by the click of a button.

If not moving fast enough to the next step, it might be that the prices are not available anymore, therefore displaying a message your fares have expired, as it might be the case when idle more than 5 minutes.

This is not depending on Smartfares, but comes directly from the airlines which are updating their prices very regularly, and the search has to be repeated every 5 minutes to update the prices.

It is always possible to use Smartfares phone number +570015088266 to contact them directly.

Once the payment has been made, the site Smartfares will directly display a booking code, which will be used to check in at the airline later, or for now to see the order status, by using the my reservation tool on top of the website.

Smartfares status pending

After the booking code has been provided, the flight will be shown as status pending on their website, this is due to the reason that once the booking code has been created, airline still has to emit the corresponding ticket.

This process can take time, up to 72 hours, especially on weekend, as the airlines sometimes require a random manual verification to make sure that the price given respects their policies, and also a financial check to make sure that the payment method used is correct.

Once these checks have been performed, the flight should have been ticketed, and is now usable for online checkin with the airline, and you can fly!

In our example, we have bought the flight on a Sunday evening at around 4pm, for a departure on Monday afternoon at 2pm.

The Smartfares status pending was shown until the Monday morning, a few hours before the flight, and already well in the airline checkin timeframe.

Smartfares reviews

It is also possible to compare Smartfares prices with other online travel agencies prices, by using travel comparators such as

Where Can I FLY? Travel inspiration and booking

Can I trust Smartfares, Is Smartfares legit

Yes, it is a standard travel agency, see above how we managed to book a flight ticket without any problem on their website, and the price given on the comparison website was the one invoiced and paid for.

Is Smartfares scam ? No, it is not, as explained above.

Is Smartfares a safe website

Yes, Smartfares is a safe website and can be used to book flights tickets and other travel products.

Website is available in the following languages:

- Arabic (‫(لعربي,

- Chinese Simplified (简体中文),

- Chinese Traditional (繁體中文),

- Czech (čeština),

- English,

- Farsi/Persian (‫(فارسی,

- French (Français),

- German (Deutsch),

- Greek (Ελληνικά),

- Hebrew (‫(עברית,

- Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia),

- Italian (Italiano),

- Japanese (日本語),

- Korean (한국어),

- Portuguese (Português),

- Russian (Русский),

- Spanish (Español),

- Thai (ภาษาไทย),

- Turkish (Türkçe),

- Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt).

Following currencies can be used for prices check:

- USD - United States Dollar,

- GBP - United Kingdom Pounds,

- EUR - Euro,

- INR - India Rupees,

- AUD - Australia Dollars,

- CAD - Canada Dollars,

- SGD - Singapore Dollars,

- CHF - Switzerland Francs,

- MYR - Malaysia Ringgits,

- JPY - Japan Yen,

- CNY - China Yuan Renminbi,

- NZD - New Zealand Dollars,

- THB - Thailand Baht,

- HUF - Hungary Forint,

- AED - United Arab Emirates Dirhams,

- HKD - Hong Kong Dollars,

- MXN - Mexico Pesos,

- ZAR - South Africa Rand,

- PHP - Philippines Pesos,

- SEK - Sweden Kronor,

- IDR - Indonesia Rupiahs,

- SAR - Saudi Arabia Riyals,

- BRL - Brazil Reais,

- TRY - Turkey Lira,

- KES - Kenya Shillings,

- KRW - South Korea Won,

- EGP - Egypt Pounds,

- IQD - Iraq Dinars,

- NOK - Norway Kroner,

- KWD - Kuwait Dinars,

- DKK - Denmark Kroner,

- RUB - Russia Rubles,

- PKR - Pakistan Rupees,

- ARS - Argentina Pesos,

- CLP - Chile Pesos,

- COP - Colombia Pesos,

- CZK - Czech Republic Koruny,

- ILS - Israel New Shekels,

- OMR - Oman Rials,

- PLN - Poland Zlotych,

- QAR - Qatar Riyals,

- TWD - Taiwan New Dollars,

- VND - Vietnam Dong,

- BOB - Bolivia Bolivianos,

- PEN - Peru Nuevos Soles,

- UYU - Uruguay Pesos. cheap flights, cheap airline tickets, cheap airfaires and discount

Cheap flights Smartfares reviews Pros

  • Free cancellation option
  • Cheap airfare
  • Flexible search

Cheap flights Smartfares reviews Cons

  • No comparison with other websites
  • Contact numbers not clear
  • Ticketing can be long

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