Bravofly review booking cheap flight

Booking a cheap flight with Bravofly is easy and convenient, and they often offer great prices. See below a full booking done with them, for return flight Frankfurt to Athens with Aegean airlines.

Bravofly review booking cheap flight

Booking a cheap flight with Bravofly is easy and convenient, and they often offer great prices. See below a full booking done with them, for return flight Frankfurt to Athens with Aegean airlines.

See below our full review of a Bravofly booking online.

The price offered by Bravofly was the cheapest of compared prices, from, Skyscanner, KAYAK, GoogleFlights, and Aegean website.

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Bravofly booking

Once getting on Bravofly website, from the comparison website, the interface of the website is clear, and shows directly the flight chosen, the price detail, the Bravofly discount, and the form for basic passenger information.

The Bravofly booking fee is included in the displayed price, and no extra payment will be asked during the booking process.

It is unfortunately not possible to enter the frequent flyer details, and this will have to be done during the online check-in or at airport.

For less than 20€, a flexible ticket option is available, allowing for any flight chosen with a Bravofly reservation to change the dates, up to 24h before departures, which can be very useful when not being sure about the exact departure date, but only of the flight route.

It is also possible to book right now an extra  baggage   when necessary. However, Bravofly booking fee is more than buying the extra  baggage   directly with the airline, once the booking confirmation has been issued.

In that example, Bravofly asks for 70€ for an extra piece of  baggage   to check-in, while buying it online with Aegean costs 30€ per way, or 60€ go and back.

Bravofly reservation

The reservation can then be paid, and Bravofly offers lot of payment options, all without extra fee, such as Diners Club, Maestro, Mastercard credit and debit, Viabuy, Visa credit debit Electron and Checkout, and also PayPal, which is pretty rare for an online agency as a mean of payment.

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After having given the payment details, it is possible to add an extra travel insurance, for less than 14€, covering all the standard travel issues, such as cancellation, medical assistance, and luggage lost.

Bravofly e-ticket

After that, the e-ticket is issued, starting with the Bravofly booking ID, which will be necessary to access the Bravofly manage booking screens on their website.

A contact phone number is also displayed, in case it is necessary to reach their customer service.

Bravofly check-in and Bravofly customer service telephone number

Bravofly confirmation email

The Bravofly ticket confirmation is sent by email afterwards, with all details included, such as the e-ticket, and the booking code, that will be necessary for the online check-in.

Additionally, this confirmation email will be automatically added to the calendar on email clients such as Gmail, and can be forwarded to services like checkmytrip to have the reservation added to the list of bookings.

Bravofly manage booking

If necessary, it is possible to manage booking on Bravofly website, by logging in with the Bravofly booking ID that was given be e-mail and displayed on the ticket confirmation screen.

There, is is possible to modify the booking, when allowed by the ticket class issued by the airline.

Bravofly review in short

Bravofly is a great flight ticket booking agency, that can offer some of the best prices on Internet, depending on results from online travel comparison websites. It is definitely not a scam, and they usually emit e-tickets very fast, usually in a few hours - it can be up to 24h over weekends or busy periods.

Do not hesitate to book with them, after having checked that they offer the best prices for your itinerary!

During our Bravofly booking we had no issue to go through the entire travel experience, from the booking with BravoFly to the BravoFly check in 24 hours before departure.

★★★★☆  Bravofly review booking cheap flight Overall, a great website to book flights with an easy to use interface, and no hidden costs.

Bravofly review booking cheap flight Pros

  • Efficient
  • Cheap prices
  • Easy to use
  • Some extra pop-up
  • Expensive extra baggage option
  • No possibility to enter frequent flyer number

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