Kayak flights review

The popular flights and hotels comparison website Kayak has some very useful features, especially the 3 days flexible search, and the nearby airports option, making it a website of choice at least the find the best travel date and route when being flexible.

Kayak flights review

The popular flights and hotels comparison website  Kayak   has some very useful features, especially the 3 days flexible search, and the nearby airports option, making it a website of choice at least the find the best travel date and route when being flexible.

Kayak flight search

The flight search engine is pretty straightforward, offering the standard search options to start with : round trip, one way or multi-destination, cabin class type, from economic to first class, and number of passengers with their age, making it pretty complete.

The departure and arrival airports and dates are of course of importance, and this is actually where  Kayak   makes its best point, taking it away from concurrence on the planning part of any flexible trip.

Kayak air flights

With the possibility to search on exact dates, or up to 3 days before and after flight, plus the option to include nearby airports, it makes the search engine an essential part of any trip planning and especially flight search.

Therefore, it is actually our starting point when wanting to look for best flight dates on a flexible trip, even if ultimately not always getting the best prices on Kayak.

When using the flexible option, it takes more time to access the final results, but the comparison is worthy and makes up for a lot of time saved.

For example, when being flexible over a whole month, simply run the full flexible search 4 times, each time separated by a week, and you quickly get a whole overview of flight prices over a whole month !

Kayak flight deals

The results are then depending on  Kayak   partner travel agencies, which will at the end sell you the ticket. They do have a good choice of agencies, and even offer to compare to other flight comparators, in order to help you finding the best prices.

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Dismissing the message will show a great table with flight prices.

However, unless exact searches have ran for the exact same routes, it generally only really gets the best deals for the current day, and average prices for other day.

It still is a good way to have an idea about the flight prices, and see for example if it is better to take a departure on a week day or on weekend according to general prices.

On top of that, an advice is given by Kayak, to let the users know if they are better buying right now, meaning it looks like these are currently some of the cheapest prices possible for this route and dates, or is it better to wait, if the prices looks inflated and might go down later.

This small advice might be very useful especially for people that do no travel often, as it generally a very common question, to buy tickets now or to wait.

Kayak cheap flights search results

The flights are then displayed one after the other, by default order by price, regardless of any other filter, and for a flexible search, mixing all results together.

The cheapest partners travel agency price is shown first, as it it the one with which the users are most likely to book.

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Kayak flight search filtering results

The  Kayak   flight search interface offers a lot of option, which will surely help any user to find the perfect flight for his trip :

  • Trip length for flexible trip, in order to select the amount of night necessary,
  • Number of stops, depending on the search results, which can be non stop, 1 stop flight, 2 stops connections or more,
  • Take off and landing times, which do not take in consideration the day. For example if a result takes 12 hours same day, and the other takes 36 hours landing at day plus one, the filter will not allow to select only same day connections,
  • Duration of the flight leg in general and the layovers in particular, very useful for flights with connections,
  • Price of the flight tickets, cabin class type, airline alliances in order to accumulate miles for the trip, layover airports, fight quality which is based on Kayak's home made algorithms, aircraft type, and partner ticket booking sites.

Kayak cheap flights

To help you getting the best prices, it is even possible to register to a track prices options, which will send you emails about price evolution.

This is extremely useful when not being sure about a trip, and waiting for eventual price drop to buy the tickets. Simply check your email inbox from time to time, and if at some points the prices seems enough, simply go online to buy the tickets.

Is Kayak trustworthy

Is  Kayak   reliable ? Well the answer is yes, as long as you actually book the flights with their partners. According to several reviews on Internet, booking directly with them might lead to close to inexistent cutomer service.

However, as long as you are booking with some of the partners, you should be fine.

Don't forget to follow our general advice, which is to always double check prices with other comparison websites before booking, to make sure that you are actually getting the best deal online.

Kayak flight booking review summary

 Kayak   is a good website to start a wide, flexible and open search, with its tools to search flexible on dates and airports. However, it does not provide the best results in terms of prices, and is a search starting point more than a final booking site.

Websites like Kayak

Before booking, always check other comparators like Kayak:

★★★★☆  Kayak flights review A great website to start a search with the ability to search on plus or more 3 days, before booking on another website that will find cheaper prices.

Kayak flights review Pros

  • Flexible search
  • Nearby airports search
  • Tickets buying advice
  • Tickets prices
  • Partners choice
  • Booking procedure

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