hotel booking review hotel booking review is a great website with awesome prices, sometimes offering prices even cheaper than the prices found on partner comparison website after having clicked the link. The bookings are usually confirmed within 10 minutes of booking.

See below a full review of the website for a 2 nights booking for 2 persons in Sofia, Bulgaria, after having found the cheapest price online on WhereCanIFLY? travel price comparison website. Official Site | Travel Deals and Promotions hotel booking

The first step is to search for a hotel room, giving the destination city, the check-in and check-out date, the number of room occupants, adults and children, and eventual other search options.

Once the hotel has been selected, or coming directly from a comparison website on the hotel page, the fares will be displayed, and the eventual extra taxes as well.

After having selected a fare, even the cheapest one, you might be surprised to see another fare that is even cheaper, for the exact same booking at the same hotel.

Once the hotel booking fare has been selected, the cart will be displayed for confirmation, with detail of the room price. hotel guest login

Before entering guests detail information, it is possible to sign in, to earn points with their rewards program, and also to have the guest information automatically filled in, in case the guest details are the same as the account owner.

Sometimes, especially when booking takes too long, it might be possible that the rate has changed.

However, this is not a scam, the hotel had genuinely increased the price during our check. We took more than an hour to decide, and the hotel was already getting full.

After seeing this message, we checked again on all comparison websites, using all standard methods, clearing cookies, using another browser, another IP address, another device (all of them proving again to be an urban legend), and the price did increase meanwhile, was still offering the best rate for that booking.

The payment methods are numerous, but they all necessitate a credit card. There is no way to pay on without a credit card, for example with PayPal, or another electronic payment method. hotel booking confirmation

After that, the website will submit the booking to the hotel, which is necessary to emit an electronic confirmation.

The hotel manual confirmation is necessary to generate any booking from a travel agency, therefore this operation might take some time, and sometimes might even fail, in case the hotel did not manage to provide a confirmation, became full meanwhile, or changed the booking conditions.

After a few minutes, usually less than five, the booking confirmation should have arrived from the hotel, and the website should display both the confirmation number to use for check-in at hotel, and the summary of the price booking. Official Site | Travel Deals and Promotions
★★★★★ hotel booking review One of the best travel agency online, they display all necessary information, provide tickets in a fast manner, and deliver what is requested. hotel booking review Pros

  • Prices always cheaper
  • Easy to use
  • Fast confirmation
  • Only credit card payment
  • Taxes inclusion in night rate not always clear
  • Points system complicated

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