Cheap flight Bogota to Auckland one way

Cheap flight Bogota to Auckland one way

Cheap flight Bogota to Auckland one way

Looking for a one way ticket from Bogota, Colombia to Auckland, New Zealand on 4th of February, the prices can start at a 1000$US, but with a catch : the flights at this price are with different airlines, and passenger has to check in for next flight in airport, and do not include baggage - the connections might even not allow enough time to get the baggage, and check it in with the next airline.

The cheapest flight has been found with Skyscanner, the most convenient one with Skyscanner, and the best combination of price and flight time with WhereCanIFLY.

The Bogota to Auckland distance is 12000km.

Bogota to Auckland flight time can start at 21 hours and go up to several days depending on the connections.

Skyscanner flights Bogota to Auckland on 4th of February

Kayak flights

The cheapest connection of all is offered by Kayak, with a $1081 flight with 3 stops on two different airlines, Spirit airlines and Hawaiin airlines.

A total trip of 36 hours, with connections in Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles with a change of airline and necessity to check in again, and a last connection in Honolulu.

It is not clear if either cabin baggage or checked luggage can be added at all, but if it is the case, at least 50$ per airline should be added to the total bill, making it close to $1200.

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Hawaiian Airlines - Flights to Hawaii, Plane Tickets & Airfare
Kayak flights Bogota to Auckland on 4th of February

Skyscanner flights

On famous Skyscanner website, the same connection as on Kayak is available for a few dollars more, $1083, with as many problems: no clear information on baggage, and necessity to check in yourself with the next airline at airport connection.

Their best offer, starting at $1305, is a one airline and one stop connection, with baggage included, really making it a good solution, even competing with the cheap airlines, saving more than 10 hours of travel time and a lot of hassle with only one connection instead of three.

This Air New Zealand connection is clearly the best one, with only one stop of 2 hours in Buenos Aires, making it fast and convenient, and with the luggage included, the best solution to travel.

Air New Zealand – United States Official Site
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Skyscanner flights Bogota to Auckland on 4th of February

WhereCanIFLY flights

Only WhereCanIFLY, the connections start at 1280$ with luggage included, and a 2 stops trip taking in total 33 hours, with Avianca and Qantas connections, both of which are generally good airlines.

A little cheaper than the best connection from Skyscanner, and little less complicated than the cheaper ones from Kayak, this solution can be a good balance between flights prices, convenience, and travel time.

That connection doesn't require the passenger to check himself the bag at the connecting airport, therefore making this connection quite convenient. in United States. Flights to Latin America at the best price.
Flights | Qantas AU
WhereCanIFLY flights Bogota to Auckland on 4th of February

GoogleFlights flights

Reaching the bottom of this comparison, the Google Flights offer the most expensive prices for connections already found on other specialized websites, starting at $1314, making them a non solution, as nothing is offered more than on the competitors, except more expensive prices.

GoogleFlights flights from Bogota to Auckland

Expedia flights

Starting at $1328, with connections found for cheaper on other websites, the Expedia resuls also aren't that good on that route for this date, not brining any value to what has been found on previous websites.

However, Expedia offers a free cancellation within 24 hours, which can be useful in case of doubt.

Expedia flights connections from Bogota to Auckland
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