Kiss And Fly review of a flight booking

To book a flight from Almaty, Kazakhstan to Odessa, Ukraine through Kiev, we had the opportunity to use and review the KissAndFly website, which is a partner of the WhereCanIFly comparison website, that offered the best price compared to Skyscanner and Kayak for that search.
Kiss And Fly review of a flight booking

Review of KissAndFly flight booking

To book a flight from Almaty, Kazakhstan to Odessa, Ukraine through Kiev, we had the opportunity to use and review the KissAndFly website, which is a partner of the  WhereCanIFLY   comparison website, that offered the best price compared to  Skyscanner   and  Kayak   for that search.

Our booking experience went pretty smoothly, and we could easily finish the booking procedure of our flight with Kiss And Fly, leading our review to be pretty positive.

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Booking a flight on KissAndFly website

The price that was advertised on the comparison website  WhereCanIFLY   is the one proposed on KissAndFly website, which is always a good point, and not always the case.

Some online agencies are showing different and of course lower prices in the comparison engines to get more visitors, which was not the case here.

The customer information is pretty basic, and offers to enter directly all necessary information such as passport number, citizenship, and frequent flyer card number as well.

KissAndFly baggage detail

By clicking on the more about flight option, it is possible to easily find the  baggage   information. In our case, one checked  baggage   is included in the flight, and it can weight up to 20kg.

After having double checked the flight  baggage   policy, the next step on the Kiss And Fly website is to add more  baggage   if necessary, or to buy additional services, such as seat selection in advance, meal selection or to add sports equipment to check inside the plane.

KissAndFly seat selection

Directly on the KissAndFly website, it is possible to book a specific seat on the plane.

The presentation is very clear, with different colors for the available seats, the exit row seats, the seats occupied or unavailable, the overviewing seats or the selected seat.

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Once a seat has been selected, the booking price of this additional service is directly visible, and you can change seat, continue with the service booking, or simply cancel the process.

KissAndFly menu selection

The food selection is pretty clear as well, and of course will depend on the exact airline used for flying.

In our case, on the route from Kyiv to Odessa, we could choose between several meals: hot beef menu, hot salmon meal, indian meal, tuna salad, hot chicken menu, varenyky with meat, and more.

For all of them, the price is clearly stated and nothing is ever misleading.

Extra options

At the end of the general information, it is possible to select an SMS notification or to have KissAndFly doing the online check-in on your behalf.

As these services are all offered with an additional fee, they are not worth it - but it is possible to request them.

The last step is the payment itself, and we can again verify that no extra hidden fees have been added using the KissAndFly website.

The card payment process is pretty simple and standard, and the standard cards VISA and MASTERCARD are accepted there.

Flight booking with KissAndFly review

Finally, the  booking process   is over, and a booking number is issued - all information also gets sent by email.

The whole booking procedure is pretty simple and convenient with KissAndFly, and our KissAndFly review is very positive, we would book with them again.

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★★★★☆  Kiss And Fly review of a flight booking Good website to book flights, that delivers tickets as expected in a timely manner

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the payment methods for Kiss And Fly booking?
For Kiss And Fly booking, the card payment process is quite simple and standard, they accept standard VISA and MASTERCARD cards.

Kiss And Fly review of a flight booking Pros

  • Good prices
  • Fast ticket delivery
  • No problem to book ticket
  • Too many extra services proposed
  • Seat selection doesn’t clearly state that it is extra
  • Not much payment possibilities

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 2021-11-28 -  Ajit Kumar Ramakrishnan
Tried booking a ticket in @SingaporeAir through #kissandfly.Was shown only 2997 AUD as ticket price in this page and how did it debit 3411 from my account ? I need answers to it and cancel ticket with full refund as i am cancelling it within 24 hours of booking or get.
 2021-11-28 -  admin
@Ajit: I recommend you to contact KissAndFly directly then, ticket price might have changed between your search and final booking.

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