Booking with MyHolidays flights review

Booking with MyHolidays flights review

MyHolidays booking process review

Booking with MyHolidays can be a pleasant and fast experience, as it happened to me many times.

However, during the booking of a flight from San Francisco to Papeete, after having compared prices on different websites such as Skyscanner, Kayak‌ and WhereCanIFLY, the booking process‌ was pretty disappointing and it felt like MyHolidays was a scam, as the final price to pay was higher than the advertised price.

See below our full review of a scam booking with MyHolidays.

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MyHolidays review of a flight booking

Starting by entering the basic information of the passenger, all is fine so far and the MyHolidays website is rather clear and easy to use.

The fare is detailed on the side of the interface, and eventual extra services such as baggage‌ fee, seat fee or service fee are detailed.

The flight detail and the baggage‌ policy can be accessed from a convenient link on the top corner of the site.

On top of the passenger information, the contact details must be entered, and, below them, there is the first opportunity to upgrade to another ticket, from standard ticket to flexible ticket with free rebooking and no service fee - or so they say.

MyHolidays extra services

After having entered passenger information, the website tries to get the user to add extra useless services such as travel insurance, medical international insurance‌ and other services, that are more expensive on their website and less flexible than other international insurance‌ services.

Our advice: do not get them, and look outside to get one if necessary. Reviews | check if site is scam or legit

Other useless services such as flight delay compensation‌ and lost baggage‌ service are offered - this is not necessary, as other services online are offering the same result without having to pay an extra fee.

Even after the international insurance‌ services, more extra services are offered, all of them only available with an extra fee: receive booking details via SMS, premium service baggage, trip protection, changeable ticket for the second time, and priority support.

All of these services are offered for a fee that shouldn't be paid, as these services are unnecessary and other insurances offer the same for a cheaper fee.

MyHolidays scam payment process

Once the payment process has been reached is where the real scam happen on MyHolidays in some cases, such as the one observed in our case.

Once having selected the payment process and filled in the different forms, plus having accepted the policies, the price displayed will be updated.

In our case, the price went unexpectedly up of nearly 10% simply by selected credit card as a form of payment - this scam practice is unacceptable from a consumer point of view, as the final price to pay has nothing to do with the price found during the comparison process on Skyscanner, Kayak‌ and WhereCanIFLY‌ flight comparison websites.

To summarize our MyHolidays review, it is adviseable to verify at each step that the price to pay is the one that has been advertised at the beginning.

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RatingRatingRatingRatingRating Booking with MyHolidays flights review As final price to pay is different than the one found during search, we wouldn’t recommend booking with them.

Booking with MyHolidays flights review Pros

  • None – we couldn’t book a ticket

Booking with MyHolidays flights review Cons

  • Final price different than search result
  • Too many extra services proposed
  • Procedure is too long
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