Supersaver review

In short, Supersaver is not a legit travel website, doing whatever it can to get you to buy options you do not need above the real price, and they do not even manage to sell the tickets for the price shown on the site.

Is Supersaver a legit site?

In short, Supersaver is not a legit travel website, doing whatever it can to get you to buy options you do not need above the real price, and they do not even manage to sell the tickets for the price shown on the site.

Do not book your flights there on Supersavertravel, and do not take in consideration their prices, as tickets are not sold for the price shown on the website, even if you arrive at the the payment page without selecting by mistake one of the many options they are trying to get you to add to your order, all of them above market prices.

Supersaver review: Do not use Supersaver to book your flights

Their site is filled with extra screens and check boxes, designed to get you to add things you do not need, like an extra travel insurance, or that you can get with directly for a cheaper price, like an extra  baggage   or seat selection that will be available at check-in.

They are partners of  Skyscanner   for some flights, but once more the final price that you get at the end of the process is different than the one initially advertised on the website, either found on  Skyscanner   or directly on Supersaver tickets.

See below a booking for an advertised price of 339€, which at the end is only available for 424€, a total scam.

Do not believe the prices displayed, and use instead reliable websites such as  Where Can I FLY?   to make your booking.

Supersaver flight search

Starting with a standard flight search, for example from Amsterdam to Macau, we can find a ticket for 339€, with an acceptable, even if not perfect, airport connection.

After selecting the flight, we are required to provide all the passenger information, as usual. Passenger name, family name, email address, phone number are necessary.

The interface is trying to make us buy an extra insurance, by not selecting any option by default, and trying to force us to read the description of this overpriced extra insurance - basically the same as the one included by default with most credit cards.

Supersaver ticket overpriced options

The next steps offers to add a luggage to the order by yourself.

Price is about twice as much as it would be when booking it directly with the airline online, which is possible with most, if not all airlines, after having booked the flight.

Even after having selected the luggage preference, when trying to validate the Super Saver travel page, an annoying pop up shows up and ask you one more time if you are sure that you do not want to add overpriced luggage.

This terrible selling strategy is annoying, a loss of time for the consumer, and is anyway to sell something that shouldn't even be offered without shame.

Now that we went through all the process, we are ready to buy our flight... or are we ?

Before we can actually pay for what we want, which is simply a flight ticket, we are offered to book a seat in advance, for a fee of course.

Even if we are not interested, which shouldn't be the case as it is possible to select the seat for free with most airlines during online checkin, the system will ask us for every single flight segment to select something.

Once more, very annoying, and disrespectful of the consumer time and patience.

Finally, a last screen asks for confirmation of the seat selection and  baggage   preference.

Supersaver travel flight booking process

Now at the end of the process, a loading screen asks to wait up to 45 seconds while the prices are being checked with the airline one last time.

The interface takes us back to the flight selection screen, with a message about the Super Saver fare change, from 339€ to 424€, without any possibility to do anything else.

Going back from the beginning, we can find again the flight for 339€ in Supersaver interface, without any possibility to book it, as at the end they update the price to something unacceptable - all this while the exact same flight can be found easily on correct competitors websites for a normal price, only a few percent higher than Supersaver tickets.

Supersaver reviews summary

With many useless screens during the booking process, and prices found during flight search that are not matched by the actual ticketing, and only a few percent lower than competition, it is not recommended to book tickets on this website, but to use correct competitor websites instead.

Supersaver contact

The super saver travel contact number is 00358-985677811, or super saver travel agency can be reached by email at [email protected].

★☆☆☆☆  Supersaver review To summarize, do not use this website to book your flights and hotels whenever possible, as the interface alone will make you lose precious time – not talking about the terrible booking process.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the custom Supersaver experience negative?
Negative experience due to many useless screens during the booking process and prices found while searching for flights that do not match actual ticket sales and are only a few percent lower than competitors.

Supersaver review Pros

  • Lot of popup
  • Many screens
  • Makes you spend additional money
  • Exaggerated extras
  • Quotes not available
  • Irritating interface

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 2022-06-03 -  Michał
There is a couple of major points regarding that company: 1. Unstable system - consultants cannot verify anything and ask you to call another time. 2. Some of the consultants are very rude and not willing to helpful at all. 3. They do not know policies of the airlines and you need to come back to them with the information 4. Company charges for everything extra and do not come back to you with any answer unless you call them yourself 5. Sometimes you need to wait on the line up to 40 minutes to get connected.

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