Review of JustAirTicket legit flight booking, is it good?

JustAirTicket review of a flight booking

For our trip from San Francisco, USA to Papeete, French Polynesia, we searched for best prices on this route, by comparing several online travel website prices such as  Skyscanner‌  and  Kayak‌  and  WhereCanIFLY‌  on which we found the best price for our route.

The best price offered was on the JustAirTicket partner website, which we tried using for our booking.

In our experience, JustAirTicket is not a legit website and we didn't complete our booking with them, leaving thinking that JustAirTicket scam website is not the best choice for your bookings - however, it might have been only a bad experience, see below.

JUSTAIRTICKET- Is this a scam? | Elliott's help forums

Is booking with JustAirTicket legit?

We started our booking procedure on the JustAirTicket website by being redirected from  WhereCanIFLY‌  comparison website, on which we found that JustAirTicket was giving the best results.

Their website offers some interesting functionalities, such as two hours free cancellation of a booking - which we couldn't try, as we were not able to complete our fligth booking with them.

Are JustAirTicket Reviews Fake? Is It a Scam?

JustAirTicket information filling

We proceeded by entering the passenger information, step during which nothing seems out of standard on the JustAirTicket website.

It is possible to enter standard basic passenger information, as well as dietary requirements, special assistance, and eventual seat preselection.

It was also offered to enter the frequent flyer card number, but only with the flying company, and not from another company within the alliance, which is a problem for us.

The extra  travel insurance‌  and extended cancellation are not especially a hassle, as it is the case on some other websites that are trying their best to make you buy useless extra insurances and services.

It is not the case on the JustAirTicket website, which keeps the options for  international insurance‌  and cancellation pretty discreet and does not try to force the visitor to get them.

The next step is the payment information, and it is possible to pay with all major credit cards, which are VISA, MASTERCARD, American Express, and DISCOVER.

No possibility to use other means of payment such as PayPal for example.

Is JustAirTicket a scam website?

After that, the last step is to confirm the booking. It didn't work in our case, we kept gettings errors and couldn't finish.

As it is usually the case when such problems appears, we rather preferred to book on another website than to risk being charged and not getting the tickets delivered to us.

This concluded our JustAirTicket review that we couldn't complete up to a full booking, and we therefore can't recommend anybody trying so.

Having a look afterwards on Internet, it did seem like it was the right thing to do, as other customers had a lot of problems with JustAirTicket scam practices apparently. | Complaints | Better Business Bureau® Profile
RatingRatingRatingRatingRating Review of JustAirTicket legit flight booking, is it good? Loss of time on a website that is unable to complete flights booking.

Review of JustAirTicket legit flight booking, is it good? Pros

  • None – we couldn’t book a ticket

Review of JustAirTicket legit flight booking, is it good? Cons

  • Made us lose time for nothing
  • Cannot complete booking
  • Too many steps necessary

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