Is Flight Network scam flight booking website? Flightnetwork reviews

Is Flight Network scam flight booking website? Flightnetwork reviews

Flight network scam review

Is Flightnetwork a scam website? Well, after hundreds of bookings without issue with other sites, this one seems like one of the few bad apples.

We did try to book a flight with their website only to get an email saying that they cannot book the ticket, and tried to call us.

For sure we do not want to pay so many euros for a useless international call, while we can always find the same ticket on another website using a price comparison engine.

Therefore, as per our own flightnetwork reviews it seems like flight network scam is real, and we cannot assess flightnetwork legit airfares website.

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Flightnetwork airfaires booking process

Starting on another website comparison that redirected us to flight network airfares, which did seem to have the best price for one specific flight, we selected their offer and tried to complete the booking on their website, for an Almaty to Odessa via Kiev‌ one way flight.

The first step of the booking process‌ on flightnetwork was to provide passenger information, which we did.

The next screen offers to select seats, which is actually not viable as the seats cannot be offered by the airline, or at least not without paying extra money.

The flightnetwork website tried to lead us to take an extra travel insurance‌ which is surely not needed, and for which we had to opt out manually, to avoir an extra 17€ charge.

It then offers to select a support package… this kind of offers usually is a scam, and in that case is part of the flight network scam, as this is basically just paying extra money to have them perform their work.

The last screen before payment is the option to select a flexible ticket, meaning it can be changed for a fee instead of being non changeable, and to eventually cancel it for a fee within the same day. Both options are in most cases useless.

The payment can then be done, only by credit card, which have to be provided on the last screen.

Flight network scam booking

After having completed all operations in a timely manner, having given our credit card number and all, we finally got an error message saying that the reservation couldn’t be confirmed, and asking us to call them – a call that surely costs extra money, and that shouldn’t be the case, as we want to buy a flight ticket, and not to pay for international customer support phone call, another flight network scam practice.

After that, an email has been send to our mailbox, stating that they tried to reach us but didn’t manage – well, we surely don’t wanna pay any fee for an international call, which also is a loss of time.

Our conclusion is that we cannot confirm if flightnetwork legit website is true or not, but from our point of view it seems like flight network scam is real, as they tried to make us have international calls instead of generating flight tickets.

However, no money has been taken from our credit card, and we only lost time as we did not get in touch with their customer support, if it at all exists. We instead booked our ticket on another website.

RatingRatingRatingRatingRating Is Flight Network scam flight booking website? Flightnetwork reviews Do not use this website, as booking have to be completed with an international phone call which is overcharged.

Is Flight Network scam flight booking website? Flightnetwork reviews Pros

  • None – very disapointing

Is Flight Network scam flight booking website? Flightnetwork reviews Cons

  • International call necessary for booking
  • Clouldn’t get to the final booking
  • Scam practice
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