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The website, sometimes linked from other websites claiming to find secret deals for flights, usually does not deliver the promised price for the ticket. Therefore, we do not recommend using it, as you can see below. review of a disappointing flight booking with different final price

The website, sometimes linked from other websites claiming to find secret deals for flights, usually does not deliver the promised price for the ticket. Therefore, we do not recommend using it, as you can see below.

Travel Comparator on TripMonster reviews: final checkout price is higher than price shown on comparison engines

During our TripMonster review, we were asked at the end of the flight booking procedure to pay much higher than the price for which we came on the website – therefore making us go back to a price comparison on websites such as  WhereCanIFLY   or  Kayak   or  Skyscanner   which have more reliable partners than that one.

See below our full TripMonster review of a flight booking – and let us know in comments if the final checkout price really is the one advertised on  Cheap Flights   search engines, where competitors are showing the real final price, all included. flight booking

The first step is to select the flight to book, usually coming from another affiliate website, which will claim that it is a secret fare, which is not true - they usually simply don't know how to compare flight prices, and did not even bother to check the flights on comparison websites such as Skyscanner, KAYAK, WhereCanIFLY, and others.

If the flight route found and price are correct, let's try to proceed with booking.

The passenger information form is simple, and does not allow to enter the frequent traveler information or dietery requirements.

Validating the order a first time, we are ready to book and don't want to lose time with useless extra insurances. useless and annoying pop-up

A first annoying extra insurance pop-up will appear, as the site tries to force the clients to add extra insurance to their orders - these insurances are usually included with any credit card payment.

The pop-up never stop, and they annoy us one after the other.

After getting read of the pop-up, when can again validate the order we would like to place for a flight.

They try to make us take extra useless service, such as some protections, which are totally unnecessary.

The user must refuse manually to have them, instead of having the option by default selected to no extra service, which a legit website would do. Unfortunately, is not a legit website.

A first waiting screen will ask us to wait while they confirm the initial price.

Another waiting screen asks the user to wait while they look for another real price, as the first fake price is never available. scam flight booking

When we finally get to the payment screen - or more like the payment type selection, we notice that the price is different from the one we wanted to buy.

This while we did not spend any time waiting.

The website did not secure the price even for 5 minutes, and made us lose a lot of precious valuable time closing useless pop-up, and saying no to unnecessary extra travel insurances. in summary

The website is not a legit website, and should be avoided as much as possible.

In any case, if you plan on booking with them, always double check the prices with other legit websites such as Skyscanner, WhereCanIFLY?, or  Kayak   for example, to make sure that even their fake price is the cheapest.

Our TripMonster review is based on a real booking that we were about to make for ourselves. However, given the issues we have, we finished our TripMonster review by booking on another website.

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However, when trying to book a flight with the US website, we did not experience the same issue, meaning that the final price to pay was really the price advertised.

Except for the recurring annoying popups that are trying to get us to buy unnecessary  travel insurance   and other products like extra  flight delay compensation   for a fee, the  booking process   is smooth on the US version of their website, the airline tickets offered seemed to be fine.

Trip Monster US website version
★☆☆☆☆ flight booking review Our experience with TripMonster has been awful. The final price to pay, without even adding any extra service, was much higher than the price initially advertised and found on the website. To avoid. flight booking review Pros

  • Pop-up lovers will have lot of pop-up to close
  • Insurance lovers will have plenty of choice for extra unnecessary insurances
  • The website is only in Finnish
  • Prices advertised are never available
  • The whole website is a loss of time
  • Fake fares to attract customers too lazy to double check prices

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Comments (4)

 2019-06-01 -  Ingrid
At two in the afternoon I bought a ticket on the tripmonster page and having spent five and a half hours I still did not receive the tickets by mail. I already called twice by phone, having the people who answered me in Spanish promised that they would emit them in a little while and they would send them in two hours by mail. I ask you to proceed to issue my tickets and send them to my email Thank you INGRID
 2019-06-01 -  admin
Hi Ingrid, tickets can take up to 72 hours, regardless of the agency. Some patience )
 2019-06-05 -  Maria Cláudia Ligori Figueiredo
Too bad I only read that now. I was tricked by Tripmonster from start to finish. In addition to increasing the initial value, they sold me a service that I believed was a request for extra baggage, but it was only service management. In other words, it was useless and I had to pay the luggage separately. Very disappointed, do not recommend.
 2019-11-15 -  MARIA INES
Day 02-11-2019, I made a reservation of 4 tickets from Cordoba to Rio de Janeiro- which is confirmed. The tickets are paid 50% with a bco córdoba mastercard and the other 50% with a BCO Galicia mastercard. Day 03/11/2019 at 05:15 I receive an email from Tripmonster informing me that the reservation was canceled, not knowing the reason In fact I never received the ticket- Despite the payment I entered the card, so I request the refund.

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