eDreams flights booking review

eDreams flights booking review

Website to avoid, as they advertise prices that are not available at checkout with a sudden 10% price surge after a very long booking process. Disappointing.

In short, eDreams booking system does not really gets you the cheap prices that they advertise at the beginning to be competitive against other cheap flight tickets reselling platforms.

Travel Comparator booking review of eDreams: to avoid, final price is higher than search results

The eDreams flights might seem attractive when prices that do not include everything needed to be bought by customers compared to competitors that are providing final prices, but the eDreams booking system ultimately lead eDreams flights to be more expensive than competition.

Have a look at our details eDreams review that includes an eDreams flight booking review from the initial  booking process‌  comparison on  Cheap Flights‌  search engine up to the final checkout price.

eDreams booking

When looking for a flight from Athens Greece to Sofia Bulgaria, we have found a great price on eDreams  Cheap Flights‌  booking website.

The catch? At the end of the booking process, when submitting our payment details information, the price suddenly went up of 10%, from 131€ price to 144€ booking price.

We of course abandoned the process, looked again online, and found the same flight for 132€ on another website, using the flight comparison website wcifly.com.

Therefore, we do not recommend using eDreams to book flights, unless absolutely necessary.

Don't be surprised if at the end of the booking process, the flight price suddenly goes up 10%!

Your travel agency: Book cheap flights - eDreams International

eDreams tickets

The website is generally clear, but is turned in the way of making you buy extra and useless services, such as insurances, paid seat, and other services that you anyway have for free for the seat selection, or probably have included with your credit card payment for the insurances.

Also, it offers to add extra checked luggage, for a higher price than doing it online with the airline.

Most of their services are useless, and a waste of time - especially considering that at the end of the booking process, they will take the price 10% up, while other online booking agencies are offering cheaper prices without any hidden checkout price change.

The succession of screen is terrible. It takes so many steps to even get to the payment form, nearly twice as much as competition, and all that for nothing, if you are courageous enough to start it again on another website to save the 10% extra charge that they suddenly added at the end of the booking process, without any reason.

At the end, this sudden price surge is explained by the website as the airline has changed the ticket price, meaning that you have to pay a higher price.

Well... we did find the original price on another website, using the excellent price comparison website wcifly.com. Thank you eDreams and goodbye.

RatingRatingRatingRatingRating eDreams flights booking review Website to avoid, as they advertise prices that are not available at checkout with a sudden 10% price surge after a very long booking process. Disappointing.

eDreams flights booking review Pros

  • Possibility to enter frequent flyer number
  • Lot of pop up for pop up lovers
  • Lot of ways to buy things we don’t need

eDreams flights booking review Cons

  • Final price is not the price found
  • Cannot book ticket found
  • Loss of time

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 2019-05-20 -  Supicharaporn
Book a 3-seater round-trip plane ticket with edreams. The ticket is not as booked, causing it to crash, unable to travel even though the money has been cut off already. Irresponsible Causing the commuting to work in time
 2019-10-11 -  Hofit Sigavi
Do yourself a favor and don't book tickets through this site. You will only be disappointed.

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