Secret Flying error fare

Secret Flying error fare website review

In short: it is a good inspiration, but Secretflyng is not a legit travel website. The prices given on their articles cannot be verified, and, even worst, they lead to funny websites, on which all is made to make you take as many extras as possible, from insurance to seat reservation, all that to make you spend more money than you should.

And the worst ? At the end, when trying to check out, the prices are simply not available, and the new price offered is twice or thrice the original price.

Do not use Secret Flying for booking, but get inspired by they articles, to then look for real flight prices on reliable sites such as

Let's take an example, with a post from a Couchsurfing low cost and cheap flights group about cheap flights from Amsterdam to Asia, advertised on website.

TIP: roundtrip Amsterdam to South Asia from €333!!! - group post on Couchsurfing

Secret Flying com cheap flight scam

Starting with a post MEGA POST: Amsterdam, Netherlands to East Asia from only €334 roundtrip, in which many flights are advertised as cheap, we have tried to book some of them using the provided links.

The first one, Amsterdam to Macau should be at 334€ from 13th to 26th of March. Following the links, we tried to book it. And surprised, after a terrible website route on their partner Skyscanner‌ Finnish and, we arrived at the following page from Secretflyng, saying in Finnish that the advertised price is no longer available, and the new price is 423€, or 27% more than initially offered.

Doing the same on a reliable travel booking website,, we can actually buy the flight for 342€, instead of 350€ as advertised on their website, or 19% than what Secretflyng offered.

MEGA POST: Amsterdam, Netherlands to East Asia from only €334 roundtrip - scam post on Secretflyng
  Amsterdam - Macau from 13/03 to 26/03 on Where Can I FLY? - legit tickets on

Secret Flying error fare

Doing another check, we verified their advertised price for Amsterdam-Bali, which is offered for 338€ on the dates 16th to 26th of March.

Following the link, we first arrive on Skyscanner‌ Finnish, where the flight prices already went up to 341€.

Checking the partners, we take another one,, showing a ticket price of 345€.

Arriving on the website, we once again face a terrible booking process, full of useless screens only there to try to force us to buy things we don't need, such as extra insurance, overpriced luggage, or overpriced seat reservation.

Finally entering our information, and waiting for the payment page, we are redirected to the search page, where we are told that the flight isn't available anymore for the initial price... and the new price is 840€, or 250% more expensive than advertised!

Again, checking the exact same route for the exact same flights, we can find a reliable booking partner with a real bookable price on the reliable website Where Can I FLY?

Secret Flying com review

Ssecretflyng is definitely not a website from where you should buy tickets, as they do their best to show wrong prices, and take you to websites that are trying to force you to take overpriced extras.

However, it is a good place to find inspiration for cheap flights, as their fake prices are that far from real verifiable prices, which you can find on other booking websites.

RatingRatingRatingRatingRating Secret Flying error fare Terrible website that should be avoided, as it displays fake prices only to drag visitors, while they are unable to deliver what they are showing.
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Websites like secret flying

In order to book real flights with the best cheap prices on Internet, try established and honest website comparators, such as WhereCanIFLY?, they also display current offers with real possibilities of booking them behind.

Where Can I FLY? Cheap flights deals and booking

Secret Flying error fare Pros

  • Posts with connections and dates ideas
  • Cheap flight inspiration
  • Large community

Secret Flying error fare Cons

  • Fake prices
  • Illegitimate booking partners
  • Scam offers
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