How is flightmojo flight booking? Flights Mojo reviews

Booking an intercontinental flight from San Francisco, USA to Papeete, French Polynesia with Flights Mojo was pretty easy and efficient, without any problem during the booking process.

Our Flights Mojo reviews of flight booking

Booking an intercontinental flight from San Francisco, USA to Papeete, French Polynesia with  Flights Mojo   was pretty easy and efficient, without any problem during the booking process.

The final price paid was the price indicated, and  Flights Mojo   did not try to take advantage of us during the booking process.

Flights Mojo website
Flights Mojo cheap price from San Francisco to Papeete in comparison engine

Flights Mojo booking process detailed

Arriving on their website, our price has been converted to USD, as the booking was for a flight departing from San Francisco in the USA – however that wasn’t an issue as the price was still the cheapest found on Internet.

It has been clearly written that the flight includes check-in luggage, which really was the case during the flight.

As usual on a booking website, the first step with  Flights Mojo    booking process   was to provide the passenger informations, which we did.

Several additional information could be provided, which is a nice functionality: airline frequent flyer information, but also special assistance if needed, meal preference where available.

We then gave our contact mobile phone information, before proceeding to the  travel insurance   section.

The  travel insurance   did not mean trying to make us buy extra useless insurance, like it is the case on most other websites – this was a nice surprise and of course a good point for our  Flights Mojo   reviews as we are not used to see that.

Additional services, the next step, offers the possibility to preselect the seat – this does not mean that the seat will be confirmed, but it will be requested to the airline.

The seat selection screen is pretty easy to use and understand, and we tried to select a seat – which at the end wasn’t confirmed by the airline, as they require additional payment, but that wasn’t an issue for us.

The  Flights Mojo   website then propose to get additional insurances if necessary, such as same day cancellation for 15$US and dedicated  travel insurance   for 9$US, which we didn’t need as we already have some.

We continued by entering our credit card payment information which would be used for the payment.

The final step before having them generating our booking was to acknowledge passport requirement, as required by the airline for that intercontinental flight.

Flights Mojo booking confirmation

Finally after all these steps, and only a few minutes wait, our booking has been confirmed by the airline, and the  Flights Mojo   interface was updated in real time giving us the booking code, which could be used later on for airline check-in with United airlines.

We could also verify one last time the passenger information, to make sure that everything we gave was correct and we wouldn’t face any information at boarding.

Flight Mojo reviews summary

The whole  booking process   with  Flights Mojo   was an efficient and pleasant experience, with a clear website that didn’t try to scam us into taking useless additional packages.

Our ticket has been promptly generated, and we had no issue using the flight booking code with the airline to board our flight.

Have you used flightmojo website to book an airline ticket? How was your experience? Let us know in comments.

★★★★★  How is flightmojo flight booking? Flights Mojo reviews Great website to book flights, offering interesting services such as same day cancellation. Clear interface and efficient ticket delivery.

How is flightmojo flight booking? Flights Mojo reviews Pros

  • Same day cancellation
  • Easy to use interface
  • Efficient ticket delivery
  • Too many steps necessary
  • Difficult to refuse all extra services
  • Not many payment options

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