Cheap flights to New York from Toronto

Toronto to New York flights for NYE

Having a look at flights for New Years Eve 2019 from Toronto to New York, cheapest airfare is 254$ on leaving on Saturday 29th of December in the afternoon and coming back on Tuesday 1st of January.

New York New York

However, by taking a longer weekend, it is possible to get good priced tickets to New York with cheap airfare Toronto to New York at $286 on SkyScanner, leaving on Friday 28th of December in the afternoon and coming back on Wednesday 2nd of January.

Cheapest New York to Toronto flight

The cheapest flights to NYC we have found to have a full New Years Eve weekend celebration is on  Where Can I FLY?‌  with prices as cheap as 254$US, leaving on Saturday afternoon and coming back on 1st of January.

Toronto to New York flights

Airfare to New York from Toronto

New York airlines

Nearly all big airlines are flying to some of the New York airports, making it in general a cheap flying destination, as all the airlines are making a pretty huge competition, which helps taking the prices down.

It is therefore a good destination in general for flyers, either as a journey main point, or as a stopover during a longer trip.

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You Can Fly To New York For Under £150 This Autumn

The Irish airline has flights to North America from £189 each way throughout November. Fly from the UK (via Dublin) to JFK, Newark, Boston, Hartford Connecticut, Philadelphia, Chicago, Orlando, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, Washington DC and Seattle. UK fliers can connect via Dublin where they can pre-clear US Immigration before boarding, saving time queuing upon arrival into the US.

The 50 best places to travel on cheap flights in 2019

If you're looking for cheap flights, the flight team at Scott's  Cheap Flights‌  has the intel.

China Southern competitive rates to Vietnam in the latter half of 2018 is a trend Scott's  Cheap Flights‌  predicts to see more of.

There were great flight deals from the US and Canada to Munich, Germany in 2018. This trend is expected to continue.

Flights to Dubai might increase from across Europe, Southern Africa, East Africa, and North Africa as an increasing number of budget airlines fly to Dubai.

One of the most frequent questions we get at Scott's  Cheap Flights‌  is some variation of, when will there be a good deal to…?

While forecasting cheap flight deals isn't an exact science, our flight team can use their deep knowledge of new and existing airline routes and historical pricing trends (including data on the great  Cheap Flights‌  we saw in 2018) to make some predictions about the best places to travel on  Cheap Flights‌  in 2019.

The places below aren't the absolute cheapest places to go (and of course, we expect to see deals to tons of other spots, too), but we predict they will be cheaper places to fly this year.

So, as you're dreaming of where to go in 2019, be on the lookout for hot deals to these 50 destinations.

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