GoToGate review: is GoToGate flights booking legit?

Finding a good price on GoToGate flights website, we tried to book it online with GoToGate. At the end of the booking process, the requested flight was no longer available.

Flight booking with GoToGate review

Finding a good price on GoToGate flights website, we tried to book it online with GoToGate. At the end of the booking process, the requested flight was no longer available.

We tried several times the whole process, search for flight, being able to select it on GoToGate flights website, but no way to book it through them.

Travel Comparator review: Is GoToGate legit? It seems like they are advertising non existing flights prices to get visitors on their website, and sell them more expensive flights

Our GoToGate review could not even go to the final checkout price, as the flights and prices they are showing on flights search comparison websites are not available on their system.

It looks like they are mostly trying to get visitors on their websites with non-existing cheapest flights that they are not even selling. Ultimately, they might sell real tickets – but as our own GoToGate review and other GoToGate reviews found on Internet are showing, it looks like it might be better to consider other  Cheap Flights   websites before booking.

The conclusion of our GoToGate review? We cannot say if GoToGate legit website sells real flight tickets, and  GoToGate scam   might be true.

Our GoToGate review: better avoid the GoToGate website when booking flights

See below our whole booking experience on this GoToGate review.

GoToGate flights booking

Starting by getting to GoToGate website through a comparison engine, we get offered the option to book the standard ticket, or a GoToGate flexible ticket which offers one free rebooking for exact same itinerary.

However, the GoToGate flexible ticket can only be changed by phone, contacting their customer support on their international phone line… a phone call which itself most likely costs more than buying a new ticket.

Therefore, getting a GoToGate flexible ticket will lead to collateral charges which must be anticipated.

Below the selection of ticket type, GoToGate flights that are cheaper or maybe more convenient are available for comparison.

The following step is to enter the passenger information.

An additional insurance for luggage can be bought on the next screen – it is generally not needed, but especially in case of short connections can prove itself useful.

Once more, it is possible to add the GoToGate flexible ticket option to the current booking, however it is not as free as they would like to let you know.

Another screen will offer to select the airplane seat, however it comes with a fee, and therefore is not more useful than selecting the seat for free during online check-in.

Next screen is a  GoToGate scam   option to pay for support which should not be an option at all. They are trying to trick customers into thinking it is necessary to pay more to the ticket to have support.

This just shows that  GoToGate scam   customers with a terrible level of customer support, for which you have to pay… Well in that case, do not hesitate to book your ticket on another website.

An extra useless pop-up of  GoToGate scam   customer service tries again to make you buy a useless extra package to have them actually support you with the product you bought from them.

The  GoToGate scam   continues on the next screen which consists of many useless packages… Let’s check them one by one, and see how they are unnecessary and you shouldn’t pay for them:

It even goes on with more funny extra overpriced packages, that we don’t see why anybody would ever need.

The next and last step is the final payment, which offers possibility to use VISA, MasterCard, and American Express to buy the flight tickets.

GoToGate review conclusion: is GoToGate legit?

At the end of the  booking process   for our flight, we got the error message The requested flight is no longer available. Please try another flight.

We tried the whole process again several time, always ending up with the same message, while the flight was offered on their site.

Finally, we simply decided to book the ticket on another website, and avoid the  GoToGate scam   flights, thus concluding our GoToGate review.

We cannot assess if GoToGate legit is true, but we could see that they are trying very hard to make their customers buy overpriced useless extras, and are not even able to deliver basic products.

★☆☆☆☆  GoToGate review: is GoToGate flights booking legit? Website doesn’t work, and made us lose time – it might make customers lose money if they proceed with booking.

GoToGate review: is GoToGate flights booking legit? Pros

  • None – we couldn’t book a ticket
  • Time lost for nothing
  • Tries to sell extra overpriced packages
  • Extra charges for standard services

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