Bravofly review

We used Bravofly website to book a ticket, and were very satisfied, all went great. The Bravofly site is pretty straightforward to use, didn't have any hidden cost, and delivered the ticket as promised and on time.

Bravofly reservation review

We used Bravofly website to book a ticket, and were very satisfied, all went great. The Bravofly site is pretty straightforward to use, didn't have any hidden cost, and delivered the ticket as promised and on time.

Bravofly ticket booking basic information

The  booking process   on Bravofly, after having found a flight, start with entering basic passenger information, such as name, surname, gender, date of birth.

It is directly possible to add another luggage on the booking in necessary, and the luggage options included in the flight - or not included in that case - are clearly displayed on the website.

The trip overview is available on the right side of the screen, to make sure that the flight being booked is correct.

Total price also is clearly shown, without any hidden fees, and with an extra discount exclusive to Bravofly.

The luggage price however is generally more expensive than doing it yourself with the airline after having received the ticket.

It is possible to make the ticket flexible for an additional 18USD, which is a good deal if you are not sure of your exact flying time, and want to keep your options open for a low cost.

Finally, a premium package can be booked, which include services related to ticket change in general, which are not useful for most flights, but can be in some situations.

However, we appreciate that, contrary to some competitors, the extra options are discreet, and the website focus on what really matters, which is having you getting the flight you need, and not on selling you extra that you will not need at all.

After having entered basic information, you can proceed to the next step.

Bravofly ticket booking payment

It is possible to get an extra insurance for luggage lost, which will offer up to 1000USD if the luggage is delayed more than 4 days. Highly recommended if the flight includes a connection of 30 minutes or less, and especially if there is an airline change.

In that case, the risk of having your luggage delayed is very high, and for only 6$ extra, you can earn up to 1000$.

Having already been in that situation, we can ensure you that it is worthy!

However, for most flight, especially direct flights, this option is not really useful.

After that, enter the contact name and email, which is not necessarily the passenger.

Time for the payment info, and Bravofly offers many different payment methods, including all kind of credit and debit cards, plus Paypal, which might be very useful in some situations.

Some type of payments might lead to a few extra dollars on the bill, as the credit card companies are charging this extra dollar.

Once the information is entered, the user has to agree why all Bravofly policies, in order to proceed to payment.

A last annoying popup will ask confirmation that you do not want to add any  travel insurance   to your trip. In case you are buying with credit card, you most likely do not need any extra travel insurance, as they are included with most standard credit cards, which you should double check with your bank.

Bravofly booking ID

The payment will then go through, depending on the buyer's bank details and payment system.

After that, Bravofly booking ID will directly be displayed. Keep this information in order to access later on the corresponding booking, as this code will be used for any exchange with Bravofly travel agency.

Bravofly login

Even before having received the booking confirmation, it is possible to login on their website, where all reservations corresponding to the email will be listed, including the latest one that has just been bought.

The reservations can be retrieved by their booking ID, which are generated by Bravofly.

Bravofly ticket confirmation

After a while, a Bravofly ticket confirmation will be sent in a Bravofly email, which contains again the Bravofly booking ID, as well as other information.

Bravofly e-ticket

When the airline confirmation will have been issued, the ticket will be sent by email by Bravofly, containing the booking code, that can be used later on for checking in the flight with the airline, and other useful information, including flight times, number of luggage allowed, e-ticket number, and more.

Bravofly customer service

The customer service of Bravofly can be reached directly by phone at following numbers:

Bravofly USA contact number +19176282152
Bravofly Australia contact number 0061(0)280810934
Bravofly Denmark contact number 004582568473
Bravofly Germany contact number 0049(0)8912231527
Bravofly Spain contact number 0034911365739
Bravofly France contact number 0176545097
Bravofly Italy contact number 0221803729
Bravofly Hungary contact number 003619993407
Bravofly Norway contact number 004721937164
Bravofly Austria contact number 08006648882
Bravofly Portugal contact number 00351210053103
Bravofly Switzerland contact number 0805638086
Bravofly Sweden contact number 0046852503807
Bravofly UK contact number 08000834000
★★★★☆  Bravofly review Great website both to book flights and to manage reservation, with straighforward process, clear interface, and fast delivery.

Bravofly review Pros

  • Straightforward booking process
  • Clear web interface
  • Possibility to manage bookings from their website
  • Eticket delivery can seem a little long
  • Several screens to get to final booking
  • Prices are too cheap!

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