Flixbus booking review

Flixbus booking review

Bus Flixbus review booking

A great way to travel for cheap in Europe and North America, the Flixbus buses are easy to book. Their website is clear, and it is even possible to cancel a ticket for free in case of mistake, and book another one without paying again, using a discount code from the first cancellation.

Flixbus booking

The booking start by looking for cities deserved by Flixbus, which are numerous! Flixbus Europe for example is available in many countries, and new routes are regularly added, making it slowly more and more easy to travel with them, as their network of connection expands slowly but surely.

  FlixBus.com | Explore Europe by Bus | Affordable & Safe with FlixBus‎

The list of connections available on a day is clear, with exact departure and arrival times, duration, and the station, as in some cities there might be several stations.

For example, in Frankfurt, there is a Flixbus station at Frankfurt airport, another one in the city, and another one at the Southern bus station.

Prices are shown per connection, as each of them might have different price depending on schedule, number of changes, and occupation.

Selection a specific bus is pretty easy, and it is possible to redeem a Flixbus voucher at this stage, for example a voucher coming from a Flixbus ticket cancellation.

Again, the interface is very clear, and it is impossible to get lost.

If the language or the currency are not correct according to your payment method, then the only way to change the currency is to change the language - and changing the language might also change the currency.

Common problems of international websites designed by people that have never left their home city... they do not understand that country is not synonym of language, and the inverse is also true.

For example, we wanted to browse the website in English, but pay in Euros, as our credit card in Euros, and we use English in general... but the combination of both is not possible.

Flixbus language and currency

Anyway, a large number of languages are available, but you might want to buy in the language of your credit card to avoid exchange fees, even if the language is not right for you:

Flixbus Bulgaria in Bulgarian,
Flixbus Bosnia in Bosnian,
Flixbus Catalonia in Catalan,
Flixbus Czech Republic in Czech,
Flixbus Denmark in Danish,
Flixbus Germany in German,
Flixbus global in English,
Flixbus Spain in Spanish,
Flixbus France in French,
Flixbus Croatia in Croatian,
Flixbus Hungary in Hungarian,
Flixbus Italy in Italian,
Flixbus Macedonia in Macedonian,
Flixbus Norway in Norwegian,
Flixbus Netherlands in Dutch,
Flixbus Poland in Polish,
Flixbus Portugal in Portuguese,
Flixbus Romania in Romanian
Flixbus Russia in Russian,
Flixbus Slovakia in Slovakian,
Flixbus Slovenia in Slovenian,
Flixbus Albania in Albanian,
Flixbus Serbia in Serbian,
Flixbus Sweden in Swedish,
Flixbus Turkey in Turkish,
Flixbus Ukraine in Ukrainian.

Changing the currency in the Flixbus app is also pretty straightforward, simply go to more > settings > currency, and select one of the many Flixbus app currency available: EUR Euro, GBP British Pound, CHF Swiss France, CZK Czech Koruna, DKK Danish Korne, HRK Croatian Kuna, HUF Hungarian Forint, NOK Norwegian Krone, PLN Polish Zloty, SEK Swedish Korna, BGN Bulgarian Lev, RON Romanian Leu, RSD Serbian Dinar, USD US Dollar, ALL Albanian Lek, BAM Bosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Mark, UAH Ukrainian Hryvnia, MKD Macedonian Denar, and RUB Russian Ruble.

Flixbus app change currency: go to more > settings > currency

Flixbus luggage

The luggage conditions are easily accessible, and one cabin baggage‌ is included, as well as one checked luggage that will go in the storage location under the bus. Very convenient.

However, it is possible to add a luggage for 2€ or more, depending on the exact bus connection, and also to book a specific seat for 1.50€ extra charge.

Then, time to select the payment methods.

It is possible to pay either with credit cards, or with Google Pay, or finally with PayPal, making it very convenient to buy their services.

It is possible to request an invoice, and to save the mean of payment for next times.

PayPal: Send Money, Pay Online or Set Up a Merchant Account
Google Pay

Flixbus ticket booking

After having filled in all the forms and selected all the options, the bus connection that will be booked is displayed again in a clear and efficient way, last step before the final booking and ticket confirmation.

If all is correct, it is time to enter the exact payment information, such as credit card number. Several credit cards are accepted: MasterCard, VISA, American Express, JCB, Discover, Bancontact/Mister Cash, Diners Club.

Diners Club International: Diners Club Credit Cards, Travel, Corporate
Mastercard - Global Leading Company in Payment Solutions
Visa - Leading Global Payment Solutions | Visa

After having entered the payment details, and after the payment have been validated, the booking is directly confirmed, and both the electronic ticket and a luggage identification tag are available for download. They will also be sent by electronic mail.

Flixbus Frankfurt airport map

On that page, a Flixbus map displays both the pick up location and the destination drop point on Google maps, making it very clear and precise of where to wait for the bus, impossible to get lost!

Furthermore, this information will be easily accessible from the email confirmation, and also from the mobile application.

The Flixbus electronic ticket, received by email, is again very clear, with all necessary information, and links to the FlixBus maps of the departure and drop points.

Flixbus change ticket

On top of their great booking service, it is possible to cancel free of charge a ticket 60 minutes after the booking, and a voucher will be given back. The Flixbus redeem voucher page is the booking page.

Flixbus change booking are allowed, changing phone number is free, changing passenger's name is the price difference in case the connection price has changed, and changing the bus trip means canceling the current one, and booking a new one. This is free of charge 60 minutes after booking, and triggers a cancellation fee up to 15 minutes before departure, detailed on their website.

When canceling a ticket, the Flixbus refund is instantaneous, in the form of a Flixbus voucher to redeem on their website.

Flixbus ticket cancellation
Flixbus cancellation policy and fee
Flixbus cancellation policy
  FlixBus.com | Explore Europe by Bus | Affordable & Safe with FlixBus‎

The flixbus cancellation fees are given back in the voucher that is awarded to the passenger that cancels his Flixbus itinerary. It is also possible with Flixbus to change passenger name, in which case only the price difference between the current ticket price and the price at time of ticket purchase will have to be paid to complete the ticket Flixbus name change.

RatingRatingRatingRatingRating Flixbus booking review A great way to travel for cheap in Europe and North America, the Flixbus buses are easy to book. Their website is clear, and it is even possible to cancel a ticket for free in case of mistake, and book another one without paying again, using a discount code from the first cancellation.

Flixbus booking review Pros

  • Efficient and easy to use
  • 60 minutes to cancel free of charge
  • Checked luggage always included

Flixbus booking review Cons

  • Changing currency changes the language
  • Changing language changes currency
  • No connection to other services such as flights
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