SkyScanner Review - Search For Cheap Flights And Hotels

SkyScanner - travel assistant and friend or how to make your tour a pasture. Aggregator site for searching air tickets around the world to all destinations. It is convenient for tourists that here, in addition, you can book a hotel and transfers.

 Skyscanner   - travel assistant and friend or how to make your tour a pasture.

Sky Scanner

Aggregator site for searching air tickets around the world to all destinations. It is convenient for tourists that here, in addition, you can book a hotel and transfers.

 Skyscanner   is presented as a website and a mobile application. In addition,  Skyscanner   is a unique travel comparator. On one web resource you can combine the tour of your dreams.

What does aggregator mean? The site is a system for finding profitable offers for air tickets, based on your parameters. That is, this is not the official website of the airlines, but a system that allows you to follow the link to the supplier of the desired air ticket and book it.

From the point of view of a user and an experienced tourist, Skycaner is an essential assistant in drawing up travel itineraries, determining tour dates and many other nuances.

The feature of the site is the Traveler's Map. Coronavirus. A very useful thing, it tells which countries are open for your citizenship to visit, what requirements are tests, vaccinations, terms, quarantine. And immediately links to the necessary documents for entry! For example, in Turkey, the hes code is filled in 72 hours in advance.

 Skyscanner   is a convenient and free service for quickly finding tickets. It is also possible to compare prices for  Cheap Flights   and then book plane tickets directly on the websites of agencies and airlines.

On the  Skyscanner   official website you can find the cheapest flights within a month or even a year. You will be helped to select the best prices and the most advantageous offers according to the specified criteria.

And here's a link to fill.

Don't know where to fly? Are there cheap tickets? In the search for the tour in the section where we write everywhere. We choose the travel time - date, week, whole month. And the search will give the minimum prices for flights to all countries.

We choose a country, for example, Russia, and we see the cheapest offers for cities in Russia separately.

It is convenient that you can create a personal account, where information about all booked trips, data will be stored. There is a support service.

You can always ask for the necessary information on the country, flight, if the departure time changes - an alert comes, questions about the replacement or cancellation of tickets are resolved.

How to search for flights on Skyscanner?

Let's imagine two options.

First option. You have a trip ahead and need to find the best airfares. We go to the site, select the city of departure and arrival, the exact dates of departure. From the search, we select a convenient departure time and book, pay for the air ticket. Standard, lightweight option.

Second option. You are planning a trip, you do not know where to go, when, for how long. And here  Skyscanner   comes to the rescue. The site contains a lot of useful information - on one site you will find all the relevant information on cities, countries, flights, requirements.

We fill in the following columns:

  • Where? We indicate the country, city or airport, you can use geolocation - current location
  • Where to? Repeat the country, city, look for the airport? And here we are waiting for another option, which is hard to find analogues in other search engines!

In the column Where we write the word Everywhere. How is it convenient? All countries and all cities for your dates in ascending order of price will be available to you in the search results! You don't know where to fly, but the budget is limited - you will be immediately offered all available air tickets. You don't even need to rack your brains and come up with a route - the system has found everything for you.

  • The next step - Choosing flight options - one way, round trip, difficult route.

A difficult route is when we fly to one airport / city / country, and back from another place. The system will find the best options. Or you can create an exciting trip by adding a maximum of 6 flights, the search will give you convenient options and offer to buy all tickets at once.

Hotel search on Skyscaner.

By analogy with tickets, we select a city, check-in dates, indicate the number of people and wait for the search results. If you have a large number of tourists, you can put in several rooms in order to understand that the hotel will find accommodation for your entire team.

Again, the system analyzes all options and offers from lower cost to ascending one.

When offers are found, it is convenient that all taxes and fees have been calculated. For example, in the United Arab Emirates or the Maldives, basic taxes are included. But local ones are not included in the price and are paid separately. What's convenient? When searching, you can use geolocation, there are many options for hotels, you can read the description, select the category of the room and food. You can see which options are paid immediately, which ones are in place. When is free cancellation, where are the cancellation penalties.

This hotel search matches options, but is not a booking engine. To book a hotel, go to the  Skyscanner   partner website and arrange a trip there.

Skyscanner car rental.

Conveniently, when you already know your flights, you have chosen a hotel and you can order a car. All in one place.

In the search, we indicate the city, airport or train station, rental dates. There are additional filters - free cancellation, unlimited mileage, about fuel, car type, gearbox, car rental company. All this narrows the search for a tour and makes it as tailored as possible to your requirements.

And immediately the options are given - we choose among the car we like, we will overload it on the booking site.

Travel insurance for Skyscanner.

The site will remind you that without travel insurance, visiting abroad is prohibited and will offer you medical insurance for your trip.

Compare and find travel insurance

Visa nuances.

The  Skyscanner   will tell you the visa country for your nationality or not, will provide full information about the package of documents for obtaining a visa permit.

How to get a travel visa

Summarize.  Skyscanner   is an indispensable assistant for both experienced travelers and beginners.

  • The interface of the site is simple and straightforward, there are no veiled and complex concepts;
  • The most important thing in our time is that the site contains information about the bans on entry to this or that country by citizenship. In case of permission - indicates all the requirements for staying in the country;
  • Virtual assistant - support for tourists at all stages of booking;
  • One site has all the services that make a real trip.
  • The site is an intermediary between you and third parties (airlines, hotels, transport companies). That is, the connecting person.
  • Information about the cost is not always up-to-date, it is necessary to double-check.
★★★★☆  SkyScanner Review - Search For Cheap Flights And Hotels Skyscanner is a kind friend of a tourist who cares and supports all the way.

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