Where Can I FLY? Apple app

The mobile application from Where Can I FLY? for Apple devices is pretty straight forward and easy to use, allowing all the options from the website version to filter and find the best flights.

Where Can I FLY? Apple app

video #1 Travelonthefly.com
video #1 Travelonthefly.com

The mobile application from  Where Can I FLY? ‌  for Apple devices is pretty straight forward and easy to use, allowing all the options from the website version to filter and find the best flights.

It is of course free.

Flight and hotel comparison app for iPhone

Cheap flight research form

The first step is to enter the basic flight information, including the destination, departure, and the departure and arrival dates.

The number of passengers, with their age for children, can also be important, but is not mandatory at this stage.

Also the flying class is important. Do you know that when flights seems to be crazy expensive compared to usual price, it might be that the business class, which hasn't been sold out, end up cheaper than economy?

Cheap flight search

The system will then start searching for the flights results corresponding to your criteria.

An animation will be displayed while this step is being processed, usually taking around 10 seconds to get the first possible results.

When the first search results are found by the system, the waiting message will change, showing the cheapest price found so far, with the number of results for that search.

The price and number of results will be updated while the search results are still being updated in the background, until the search with all partners is complete.

Cheap flight comparison

Once the search is complete, the list of results will be displayed, showing the cheapest connections first.

It will be possible to use all kind of filters in order to find the perfect connection, such as departure time and arrival time, number of stops, direct flight or not, and more.

Playing with these filters will allow to find the right flight connection, on which the next step is to book it.

Best flight details

Tapping on a flight result will show details of that connection, including the connection times and locations for example, in case of connecting flights.

On that screen, the main purpose is to confirm that the connection is good enough, and that you want to proceed with the booking.

Cheap flight booking

The flight connection chosen, simply select the best partner at which you want to book the flight, such as the one with the cheapest price.

The next step will happen on the travel agency website, on which the traveler information will have to be given, with the payment information as well, in order to proceed and finish the flight booking.

Where Can I FLY? Apple app in short

A great application that allows to look for the best prices online, and usually have better results than competition.

However, as usual, always try to compare prices on two or three different comparison website, to ensure that you are finding the best prices for your ticket.

★★★★★  Where Can I FLY? Apple app A great application offering some of the best prices on Internet, with plenty of choice for flights and hotels on a simple interface.

Where Can I FLY? Apple app Pros

  • Large choice of flights and hotels
  • Best prices in most cases
  • Easy to install and use
  • No calendar view
  • Cannot compare different days
  • No possibility to book car

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