Frankfurt to Strasbourg train bus and car

The best way to go to Frankfurt from Strasbourg is to use a bus, either Flixbus at 9.99€ or the Lufthansa bus at 48€, or to take a train.

Bus Strasbourg Frankfurt airport

The best way to go to Frankfurt from Strasbourg is to use a bus, either Flixbus at 9.99€ or the Lufthansa bus at 48€, or to take a train.

Our comparison results of the shuttle from Strasbourg to Frankfurt are as follows, order by price and preferred choice:

  • Flixbus Frankfurt Strasbourg bus connection starting at 9,99€,
  • Lufthansa shuttle Frankfurt Strasbourg at 48€,
  • Eurolines shuttle Frankfurt Strasbourg starting at 14€,
  • SNCF Frankfurt airport to Strasbourg train starting at 54€,
  • Blablacar carsharing starting at 15,50€.
Lufthansa shuttle Frankfurt Strasbourg

Nearest airport to Strasbourg France being Frankfurt airport, as it is very convenient to get there by several ways, would it be car, bus, or train, Strasbourg actually has a lot of airports:

  • Strasbourg airport SXB,
  • Stuttgart airport STR,
  • Frankfurt airport FRA,
  • Mulhouse-Basel euroairport BSL.
Cheap flights and hotels Strasbourg airport
Cheap flights and hotels Stuttgart airport
Cheap flights and hotels Frankfurt airport
Cheap flights and hotels Basel airport

Frankfurt airport being the most convenient airport, the Lufthansa flights actually offer connections from Strasbourg, simply by looking for flights departing from Strasbourg. It will usually be cheaper to buy a connecting flight from Strasbourg to final destination via Frankfurt with Lufthansa on booking website such as than to book the transfer from Strasbourg to Frankfurt and the flight from Frankfurt to the final destination separately, see for yourself!

Flixbus bus from Frankfurt airport to Strasbourg

Starting at 9,99€, with plenty of connections day round, the Flixbus from Frankfurt airport to Strasbourg is actually the cheapest and most convenient choice to travel between the two cities, or to go from Strasbourg France to Frankfurt Germany.

With buses equipped with complimentary WiFi, toilets on board, comfortable seats, and one piece of hand luggage plus one piece of checked luggage, it is not only cheap, convenient, and easy, it is also the best recommendation to travel from Frankfurt to Strasbourg.

Flixbus Frankfurt Strasbourg

Bus Strasbourg Frankfurt Lufthansa express bus

The Lufthansa shuttle bus from Frankfurt to Strasbourg is the second preferred option to travel from Strasbourg to Frankfurt airport or back, especially when flying from Frankfurt.

The best option is to have a Lufthansa, or a Star Alliance partners flight, which includes both the flight to Frankfurt, and the Lufthansa airport bus Frankfurt Strasbourg.

That way, in case of any delay, either with the flight or the Lufthansa shuttle bus Strasbourg Frankfurt, the connection is entirely managed by Lufthansa, meaning they will rebook you either on the next available StarAlliance flight, or the next Lufthansa bus Frankfurt to Strasbourg, will give you a voucher for dinner if applicable, and manage your hotel night in case you missed the last connection to the Lufthansa Frankfurt Strasbourg bus.

If you have booked them yourself separately, in case of delay, the bus and the airline are not responsible if you miss your connection, it was your resort to plan a larger buffer time between the two transports.

At 48€, the Lufthansa bus from Strasbourg to Frankfurt is a great solution, and is even a better one when included in a flight booking trip.

Lufthansa bus Frankfurt Strasbourg timetable

The Lufthansa bus Frankfurt Strasbourg timetable is as follows:

  • departure Frankfurt airport 8:30am, arrival Strasbourg 11am,
  • departure Frankfurt airport 11:00am, arrival Strasbourg 13:30pm,
  • departure Frankfurt airport 13:30pm, arrival Strasbourg 16:00pm,
  • departure Frankfurt airport 17:30pm, arrival Strasbourg 20:00pm,
  • departure Frankfurt airport 20:30pm, arrival Strasbourg 23:00pm,
  • departure Frankfurt airport 21:45pm, arrival Strasbourg 00:15pm.

Strasbourg Frankfurt Lufthansa bus schedule

The Lufthansa bus Strasbourg Frankfurt timetable is as follows:

  • departure Strasbourg 04:15am, arrival Frankfurt airport 07:00am,
  • departure Strasbourg 06:15am, arrival Frankfurt airport 09:00am,
  • departure Strasbourg 08:15am, arrival Frankfurt airport 11:00am,
  • departure Strasbourg 12:00am, arrival Frankfurt airport 14:45pm,
  • departure Strasbourg 14:15pm, arrival Frankfurt airport 17:00pm,
  • departure Strasbourg 17:00pm, arrival Frankfurt airport 19:45pm.
Lufthansa bus Frankfurt Strasbourg timetable

Eurolines shuttle Frankfurt Strasbourg

Another bus line running between the two cities is Eurolines. It is also a partner of the French train company SNCF, and has connections for as little as 14€.

A nice price, but however more expensive than their competitors.

Eurolines shuttle Frankfurt Strasbourg

Frankfurt to Strasbourg train

The train company SNCF has some of the most expensive connections from the two cities, especially without any discount card on either the French trains or the German ones.

Starting at 54€, for the cheapest connections, and with the need to change train on most connections, it is not a preferred way to travel, but can be convenient for train addicts.

Frankfurt to Strasbourg train

Carsharing Frankfurt Strasbourg

Another way to travel between the two cities, is to use carsharing, with blablacar, a very popular French car sharing service.

Their, trips between the two cities can start from as little as 15€.

However, this is more expensive than using the bus, it is more complicated to find the driver, and the timetable are hazardous, as they totally depends on eventual drivers on that route, that might not go exactly to your final destination, but only near that point.

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