Bogota to Paris flight comparison

Bogota to Paris flight comparison

A Bogota to Paris flight, round trip, is cheaper on  Skyscanner‌  with 2 stops, and on wcifly with 1 stop or direct. The 2 stops sells at 3700990$COP and more, the one stops flights start at 3995845$COP, and the direct flights starts at 5031353$COP.

The Bogota to Paris flight time can be as low at 10 hours and 20 minutes.

Cheapest two stop tickets on SkyScanner

Bogota to Paris Air France direct flight

The direct flights are cheaper on Where Can I FLY?, with prices about 2% lower than on Expedia, and 1% lower than on Google Flights,  Kayak‌  or Skyscanner.

Air France portal sites

Bogota to Paris Air France direct flights can therefore be bought for 5031353COP and up.

Bogota to Paris flight with 1 stop

The one stop flights, about 20% cheaper than direct flights, sell for as less as 3995845COP, and are probably the best solution for a trip Bogota to Paris, with KLM flights especially.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

The cheapest flights can be found on Where Can I FLY?, 2.5% lower than on Expedia, 4.5% lower than Google Flights, and 1.5% lower than  Kayak‌  and Skyscanner, which both have the same cheapest flights at the same price.

Bogota to Paris two stops flights

The cheapest flights of all are the 2 stops flights, which are barely cheaper than the 1 stop flights, therefore not making them a good choice, as they are much more complicated for a very low saving.

United Airlines - Airline Tickets, Travel Deals and Flights

However, the cheapest prices for 2 stops flights from Bogota to Paris can be found on  Skyscanner‌  with United Airlines, 2.5% cheaper than Google Flights, 3% cheaper than Kayak, 7.5% cheaper than WhereCanIFLY, and 10% cheaper than Expedia.

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SkyScanner, Cheapest two stop tickets

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