Frankfurt to Las Vegas flight + hotel comparison, 3 nights 2 adults

Frankfurt to Las Vegas flight + hotel comparison, 3 nights 2 adults

Frankfurt to Las Vegas flight + hotel comparison

Cheapest price on with 2315$, 5 to 10% cheaper than competition, looking for a weekend trip from Frankfurt, Germany to Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, with a specific hotel in mind, the Stratosphere hotel and Casino.

eDreams 2437.56$

Total of 1218.78$ per person, including flight and hotel, as the site directly offers packages including both of them.

They do try to make the prices look cheaper, by showing in per person, and actually not displaying at all in the search result the full price – this will only be displayed in the booking process, as they are trying to show prices lower than competitors, while it is not the case.

Your travel agency: Book cheap flights – eDreams International

Kayak‌ 2564$

On popular Kayak‌ website, the flight goes for 1111$ per person, and the hotel has to be added to the bill for 114$ per night.

It is a bit complicated to understand the full price on Kayak‌ website as well, as flight prices are shown per ticket, and hotel price per night.

The prices look cheaper than other websites, but are actually not – and are very confusing for guests, as they have to compute themselves the price of the trip.

Search Flights, Hotels & Rental Cars | KAYAK

Skyscanner‌ 2422$

The prices on Skyscanner‌ are also not the cheapest on the web, with flight at 1077$ per person, or 2154$ total, plus hotel at 268$ for 3 nights.

Just like other websites, Skyscanner‌ is trying to show lower prices by showing as large as possible the price for one ticket, and in small the price for the whole bill, therefore making it cheap at first sight, while it is not the case.

They do however propose a very good hotel option, the second best one in this comparison, and the price is very clearly for the whole 3 nights stay for 2 persons.

SkyScanner: Compare Cheap Flights, Hotels & Car Hire

Where Can I FLY?‌ 2316$

The cheapest prices on this comparison have been found with Where Can I FLY?, with flight at 2098$ for 2 persons, and hotel at 218$ for three nights.

The cheapest results for both flights and hotels, for the exact flight connections and exact same hotels, have both been found on Where Can I FLY?, and is therefore the results of choice on our test, getting a weekend to Las Vegas from Frankfurt for 3 nights and 2 adults down to only 2316$US, or about 2031€.

  Where Can I FLY? Travel inspiration and booking

The result

With 10% discount compared to Kayak‌ comparison engine, and 5% discount with both Skyscanner‌ and eDreams, on which prices are pretty similar, the best result on this Frankfurt to Las Vegas weekend trip goes to Where Can I FLY?‌ and its great network of partners.

  Where Can I FLY? Cheap flights and hotels

Nonstop Las Vegas flights coming in 2019

One flight a week to become two weekly to and from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on Frontier beginning May 1. One flight a week to become four to five weekly to and from Frankfurt, Germany, on Condor Airlines beginning in the summer. Two weekly flights to and from Monterrey, Mexico, on Viva Aerobus beginning June 2. Three weekly flights seasonally to and from Amsterdam, on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines beginning June 6. One seasonal flight a week to and from Tel Aviv, Israel, on El Al Airlines beginning June 14. Two seasonal flights a week to and from Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, on Swoop Airlines beginning June 27. Three seasonal flights a week to and from Dusseldorf, Germany, on Eurowings Airline beginning July 3.

Distance From Frankfurt International Airport To Las Vegas Airport (FRA - LVS Distance)

Given below is the distance between Frankfurt International Airport, Frankfurt, Germany and Las Vegas Airport, Las Vegas, United States. The airport location map is also given below showing the air travel direction. To find more airport to airport distance, use the form given below the map.


5300.3 miles / 8530.01 km is the distance From Frankfurt International Airport To Las Vegas Airport.

The distance from Frankfurt Airport, Germany to Las Vegas Airport is , United States 8530.01 kilometers or 5300.3 miles

FRA to LVS Map & Travel Direction- Distance Frankfurt To Las Vegas

The airport location map below shows the location of Frankfurt International Airport (Red) and Las Vegas Airport(Green). Also find the air travel direction.

Given below is a list of airports around the world. Click to find distance from Frankfurt International Airport to:

This Airport to Airport distance calculator will help travelers and air passengers calculate distance between airports. Frankfurt International Airport to Las Vegas Airport distance is given above along with airport map.

Additional information about both airports:

IATA Code of Frankfurt International Airport : FRA.

Location of Frankfurt International Airport : Frankfurt, Germany.

IATA Code of Las Vegas Airport: LVS.

Location of Las Vegas Airport : Las Vegas, United States

Using this calculator, you can find distance from other airports in Germany to Las Vegas.

Frankfurt International Airport To Las Vegas Airport Flight Distance (Air Miles) - Distance To Las Vegas Airport From Frankfurt.

Find out the flight distance from Frankfurt International Airport to Las Vegas Airport in Kilometers and miles. According to this airport distance calculator, air miles from Frankfurt Airport (FRA) to Las Vegas Airport (LVS) is 5300.3 miles or 8530.01 kilometers. The distance shown below is the straight line distance or direct flight distance between airports.

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