Travel Comparator: AirBnb vs

Let's compare the functionality of AirBnb and, trying to figure out which travel comparator is the best.
Travel Comparator: AirBnb vs

Which travel comparator is the best?

If tourists, going on a trip, decided to find a property in an unfamiliar city on their own, there are many Internet services to help. Although a large offer is often the cause of embarrassment. Not all sites provide up-to-date information, which means that tourists often face disappointment. To avoid such incidents, it is worth choosing reputable resources. There are two such contenders for your attention. Let's compare the functionality of AirBnb and,   trying to figure out which travel comparator is the best.

Airbnb experience

Airbnb is one of the reputable sites, to which there are almost no complaints from tourists from the EU and other countries. The developers of this platform have been improving their resource for years, trying to make it as friendly as possible for an ordinary traveler. In terms of service, the alternative to also offers simple and straightforward rules. This is confirmed by dozens of positive reviews.

Airbnb is an online marketplace for private residences around the world. Renting a room, an apartment, or even an entire house can be more profitable through this online resource than the old tried and true methods. Airbnb booking com is a platform, an online resource that helps to rent accommodation from individuals around the world. That is, when you come to another country, a city, you can always find yourself a cozy place to spend the night.

By specifying the place and date of the trip, people can get a list of available apartments for a specific time in a specific city. In addition to various verification methods, Airbnb also offers two-way testimonials where you can give your opinions and wishes to landlords or guests.


Resource interface

The site interface is simple. On the right side, users can set up filters to narrow down their search. Set the minimum / maximum price and get an apartment according to your needs. Do not forget to indicate the expected furnishings, area and type of the desired apartment. There is more than enough information to get a complete picture of the offered square meters.

The AirBnb developers adhere to the principle of one stop shop: You do not have to click on the links to book an apartment or contact the owner to discuss further issues. Everything is collected in one functionality.

With this aggregator, search results are displayed in the form of a list and a photo gallery. For many tourists, such a structuring of the offer is much more attractive. The system indicates the address directly on the map to help the traveler determine the location.

Search results can be shared. Just click Share. The generated link is suggested to be sent by e-mail or published on social networks.,   an alternative to AirBnb, introduced this button a long time ago. Although this does not mean that these two services are completely identical.

Service payment: Airbnb vs

Airbnb's pricing model favors landlords and hosts, and favors guests. These platforms have different financial policies. Airbnb accepts transactions on your behalf and makes payments using the payment methods specified during registration.

If tourists prefer,   they will have to complete the transactions on their own. Each user will receive a credit card number where funds should be sent. This information is only available within 10 days of booking.

Commission and cancellation

One of the biggest downsides to Airbnb is that customers are required to pay the full price of their stay when booking. Unlike Airbnb, most hotels do not require prepayment and offer free cancellation, which is very beneficial for guests, not hosts.

Opportunities for the landlord

Once the landlord has transferred the property through,   he will not be able to control the residence. It's different for Airbnb. With this site, hosts always ask tourists for IDs. People will not accommodate anyone from the street in their house. Airbnb is the go-to choice for those with a limited budget and travel time. The presented site is relevant in large European cities, where you can find inexpensive places to stay in the center, while hotels are located on the outskirts.

Registration procedure

One of the great things about finding a hotel through is that once the customer has booked a room, they don't have to do anything. With Airbnb, you will need to contact the host to see if the landlord is home when you can check in. You need to receive additional instructions prior to arrival. Otherwise, they will not be settled. confirms reservations without contacting guests. This means that apartment owners do not have to answer a bunch of questions from their guests. Although it may happen that the consultation took place, and the tenant chose a different location. Therefore, opinions in this regard are ambiguous.

How about an apartment?

One of the problems with using is that if you have a limited budget, you will have to settle for less spacious and even unkempt apartments. This is unlikely with Airbnb. Each place chosen to stay will be unique and have a homely atmosphere. Although this is not an impeccable advantage, the expensive rooms in five-star hotels are head and shoulders above any home environment. is almost always more expensive, which is in favor of Airbnb. When people travel, they do sightseeing most of the day. Therefore, it is not always advisable for tourists to spend extra money on accommodation. The same goes for seconded professionals looking for an affordable room with a good location and cleanliness in the bathroom and bedroom.

Briefly about the main

If you're traveling with a couple or two friends, the two most common options for finding a place to stay are Airbnb and These sites are built on the same principles, but differ in details. You will always get the best value for money by finding a place on Airbnb. Although fans of standard solutions are more attracted to

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