AirBnb alternatives: online services, prices

AirBnb Alternatives offer popular online accommodation booking resources around the world. Internet sites allow you to book a room on the day of arrival, buy someone else's reservation at a discount, and exchange houses.

Planning a trip? Do you want to relax pleasantly and on a budget? AirBnb alternatives offer a wide variety of online booking sites, including On Internet portals, you can compare prices, book a room with a discount, redeem someone else's reservation. To get the most of the best deals, you need to register an account. Download the comparator to your phone and view interesting options anytime, anywhere!

Travel Comparator: Airbnb Alternatives

Traveling is always a pleasure. Going to new cities and countries, a person gets vivid impressions, interesting acquaintances and the opportunity to learn the culture and traditions of other nations. For a successful vacation, you need to plan your trip in advance. It is recommended to use special services for booking accommodation.

The online platform Airbnb is popular, which allows you to find and book the most optimal accommodation option for the price and level of comfort. But Airbnb isn't the only service of its kind. The modern industry offers numerous alternatives, among which each user can choose the most optimal option.

Plan your plane trip!

Travel is a complete adventure, where there is no place for worries about everyday life, anxious thoughts about the past and the future. This is an opportunity to live every moment.

For a better trip, you need to think through every detail and for this you need to think through every detail. And with this you will be helped, including best airbnb alternatives.

Going on vacation, many people choose train or bus as their transport. Travel comparator  Where Can I FLY?   offers an alternative - travel by plane. Just a few hours - and you are in another country!

Service advantages:

  • A simple and intuitive filter with a convenient search system.
  • You can immediately see the shipping prices from different cities / countries, and you can compare the cost.
  • Travel cashback is available.

If we talk about the minuses, then among the travel options, only air transport (plane) is offered.

How to earn travel cashback on your travel expenses?

Online rental services

In addition to Airbnb, a service that offers rental housing in more than 191 countries, there are a number of other internet portals. Among the rental options: hostels, hotels and hotels, recreation centers, houses and private houses, boutique hotels and apartments.

The most popular Airbnb alternatives are:

Each of the listed resources has benefits. Thanks to a good selection, every traveler can find the best option just for himself.

Secure booking service trusted by millions

Of all the options listed, is one of the most requested and frequently used. The popularity of the service lies in the variety of offers. On the site you can reserve a hostel, apart-hotel, villa, apartment, mansion. We offer hotels and bungalows by the sea.

Service advantages:

  • The widest variety of types of real estate for rent (houses, apartments, mansions, hotels).
  • Complete security of transactions. When placing an ad, the landlord scans personal data (documents and location). The possibility of deception is reduced to zero.
  • Most of the offers are available without having to pay the sum insured. Pay on the spot!
  • A convenient search system works.

The service is extremely popular among European residents. You can find and book accommodation a day before leaving for the road, or even right on the spot (there will be vacancies). The functionality of the resource is thought out to the details. You can filter search queries and find accommodation specifically for your preferences.

As for the cons, there are practically none. The system is really perfect. But it's worth mentioning that you need to register an account to make a reservation. After booking a room, the amount on the traveler's card is blocked and automatically debited upon check-in. If you are not ready to distribute your credit card information, create an internet card for payments. Put the exact amount on it for the reservation. So you will definitely exclude the possibility of secondary or incorrect debiting of funds.

Reservation on the day of arrival

The service is available with the Hotel Tonight service. Feature: accommodation is booked on the day of arrival. If you are traveling in a large company (or alone), and the route does not have an exact schedule, then this resource will become a real godsend. Arrived in the city for a few hours, but decided to stay for 2-3 days? HotelTonight can help you find great accommodations at a reasonable cost.

Service advantages:

  • Possibility to book accommodation on the day of arrival.
  • If there are vacant rooms, a luxurious room will be available for a third of the price.
  • Each city offers about 15 options for hotels / hostels with rooms of different price categories.

Using the services of the service, you can rent an exquisite room with rich decoration for the price of one-room accommodation in a hostel. But! Be careful with dates. Remember that the service offers reservations on the day of arrival, so there may not be any vacant rooms. But, as a rule, there will always be vacancies. The main thing is that they are suitable for the traveler at the price.

For students and large companies

If you are traveling in a large group and there is no need to rent a private room, is the perfect solution. The online platform offers the largest hostel base in the world! In addition to the standard rooms with bunk beds, the online portal offers improved options with capsule beds, which are equipped with a sliding compartment door or curtain.

Service advantages:

  • Huge selection of hostels.
  • Prices start at the lowest. This is an affordable type of housing for everyone. A wide range of rooms are available in the mid-range.
  • Hostels are equipped with cozy living rooms (some with a fireplace) and homely equipped kitchens with refrigerators, cups, cutlery.
  • Most hostels offer coffee / tea / sugar free of charge. is the perfect solution for large groups of young travelers. The resource offers hostels with good service at a low cost. As for the shortcomings, the only drawback is the lack of privacy. While many hostels offer rooms with one double bed, the noise and the fun will take some getting used to.

Blind booking is an interesting booking option and a great alternative to Airbnb. The peculiarity of the service is that applicants see only the number of stars of the accommodation and reviews of guests. It's a kind of jackpot: you never know if you're lucky or not. But you should definitely try! Big discounts are a key factor in booking with

Service advantages:

  • You do not need to spend hours studying the characteristics of housing - you are guided exclusively by reviews.
  • The indicated star rating of the hotel is an excellent tip so as not to make a mistake with the choice.
  • Huge discounts are a key incentive for job seekers to book rooms on this site.

As for the disadvantages, you can indicate the lack of a detailed description of the hotels. Travelers cannot get acquainted with the decoration and interior in advance. When choosing rooms, tourists are guided exclusively by the reviews of previous guests. And tastes, as they say, do not argue.

House exchange

Do you have your own home? Going on vacation to another country? Use the Home Exchange service! Feature of the online portal: it provides an opportunity to exchange houses by owners of different countries. For example, if you are traveling to Croatia for two weeks, you can exchange houses with the locals: you are in Croatia, they are in Russia.

Service advantages:

  • The Home Exchange has over 65,000 homes in more than 10 countries around the world.
  • You rent housing practically free of charge, on mutually beneficial terms.
  • There is no need to worry that your own home will be left unattended.

On the downside, you should try to find travelers who want to go on vacation at the same time as you. Please note that you can cooperate in groups. If you find tourists, for example, from Greece and Montenegro, then the Greeks can go to you, you - to the Montenegrins, Montenegrins - to the Greeks. The main thing is to find travelers who are suitable for your vacation dates.

Buying someone else's reservation at a discount

If you are a very budget-conscious tourist and want to see the world at a discount, your choice is Roomer and Cancelon. Feature of these portals: they offer a unique opportunity to purchase someone else's booking at a discount. For example, a person has booked and paid for accommodation, but at the last minute everything changed and he cannot go. You buy a booking for its dates and get a great discount!

Service advantages:

  • Possibility to purchase a star room at a low price.
  • Going on a trip is offered with a limited budget.

As for the disadvantages, discounts are offered only for someone else's booking, that is, you must have dates that are not suitable for another person. But if you are lucky with the dates, then you can relax in a 4- or 5-star hotel for the price of a 3-star hotel!

Regional accommodation booking services

All of the above online portals are global resources, that is, in the database of each service there are offers of numbers from about 150 countries of the world. But there are portals that specialize in booking rooms exclusively for a specific country or region. These online services include:

  • Tvil - booking in Crimea and Krasnodar Territory.
  • Sawadee - booking apartments and hotels in Thailand.
  • OneFineStay is a service offering luxury apartments and designer lofts in 13 cities: London, Paris, Miami, Rome, Los Angeles, New York, etc. The minimum cost of an apartment is $ 120 per day.
  • Stay in Iran is a service for renting an apartment in Iran.
  • is an offshoot of TripAdvisor. Offers apartment reservations, particularly in the Americas and the Caribbean.
  • OYO rooms - a service that offers the reservation of luxury hotels in India. The opportunity to get a 30% discount is offered.
  • Roomp is a hotel booking service in Russia.
  • Ctrip is the largest online booking portal in China. The service also offers the purchase of tickets for air transport and trains.
  • Zen Rooms is a service for booking rooms in hotels in 4 countries: Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.

Knowing all possible room reservation services, you can choose the most optimal option for the price and relevance of offers. Register an account on the selected comparator to be able to receive additional discounts and bonuses.

Services for booking accommodation - travel profitably and comfortably!

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