StarAlliance vs. SkyTeam

StarAlliance vs. SkyTeam

Airline alliances is a concept that brings together air carriers to reduce costs and optimize business processes. For passengers, this means a unified booking system and loyalty program, codeshare flights. That is, when organizing connecting flights, it makes sense to fly with liners of the same aviation alliance. For example, American Airlines often docks with Iberia, British Airways. This is due to the fact that these companies are members of the same aviation union. Therefore, carriers offer through tickets and a guaranteed connection between the flights, along with the delivery of  baggage   to the destination. This approach will save you a lot of money. Also, frequent flyers are given the opportunity to use the accumulated air miles in a large number of ways. As a result, passengers have additional privileges. Therefore, the aviation alliance is an excellent solution for each of the parties.


StarAlliance is rightfully considered a veteran among such associations. The alliance was formed in 1997. Its goal was to ensure the delivery of passengers to any major city on Earth. Now 26 airlines are participating in the formation. Additionally, 40 affiliate partners are included. It's hard to find a destination not served by StarAlliance. Every day, participating companies make about 19,000 flights to 195 countries around the world. The merger is impressive with a total cash flow of about $ 180 billion.

The two founders of the alliance - United Airlines, Air Canada - offer a wide network of flights across the United States and Canada. Also, they are responsible for servicing international destinations. Copa Airlines, Avianca, Avianca Brazil joined in 2021 to expand coverage in the Americas. Thanks to the presence of Ethiopian Airlines, South Africa Airways, Egypt Air, links have been built with Africa. Moreover, each of these airlines is based in different parts of the continent: in the north, east and south.

StarAlliance has a poor relationship with Australia. Ansett Australia collapsed in 2001, since then the association has no carriers that would interact with this continent.

Several levels are offered here. In addition to the basic one, there is also silver and gold. Belonging to silver will allow you to get priority on the waiting list, as well as the ability to transfer to the next flight if you miss your own. Gold status in the system grants the right to carry an additional piece of baggage, priority when unloading it and during check-in - at the business class counter. It is also possible to freely enter the deluxe lounge before departure. The acquisition of a gold status in the system makes travel much more comfortable.

StarAlliance Aegean Athens non-Schengen lounge

Premium status with any of the participating airlines implies a specific status throughout the alliance. When you reach Gold level in Aegean, you get the same level in StarAlliance. You can use all the privileges required only when flying with an airline that is a member of the specified association. It may be easier to accumulate the required number of miles through the loyalty program of the participating airline. With Aegean Airlines, it takes as little as 20,000 miles to get gold status. At the same time, StarAlliance's Miles and More requires 100,000 miles to reach the same level.

How To Get Star Alliance Gold Status Faster?


Companies unite in alliances for mutual benefit and, first of all, for the sake of reducing the costs of air travel. For example, a company that is part of an alliance can offer passengers complex routes, different segments of which will be operated not by the carrier itself, but by its partners in the alliance.

SkyTeam is an international alliance that brings together 19 of the world's leading airlines under its wings. SkyTeam founders pursued the goal of making life easier for their passengers, and they succeeded.

SkyTeam is considered the youngest association. It was created only in 2000. In fact, the union's passenger traffic figures are the highest among all three alliances. About 730 million people annually use the services of the airlines that are members of this formation. There are 19 participants in the composition. Among them is the Russian company Aeroflot.

By 2020, the aviation alliance began to serve more than 1,150 destinations in 175 countries around the world. The companies of this formation make about 14,500 flights daily. The association is poorly represented in Australia and Asia.

SkyTeam has two frequent flyer award tiers: Elite and Elite +. Moreover, tangible bonuses are provided from the first level. These include an extra piece of baggage, priority check-in and seat selection, and boarding. An advantage is also given on the waiting list.

Elite + allows you to get and access to the lounge during international flights. The bonus is  baggage   priority, as well as the option to get seats on sold out flights.

If you miss your flight because of the carrier, SkyTeam will offer alternative flights. Customers also rely on food and beverage coupons. In some cases, hotel accommodation is provided.

Within the framework of this alliance, special tariffs apply. Thanks to them, travel around the world becomes more profitable.

Silver in Aeroflot means the Elite level in SkyTeam for you. The same system applies to other loyalty programs as well. Delta Gold status allows you to get Elite +. Upon reaching the specified level, you can count on all due privileges when flying with any member airline. Air France, TAROM, KLM, Kenya Airways have launched a unified Flying Blue loyalty program. It is easier to achieve Elite status with its help than through SkyMiles.

Choosing between StarAlliance and SkyTeam

When choosing a suitable aviation alliance, you should also take into account which city and country you most often have to fly from. In the case of Moscow, there are practically no restrictions. Here you need to look at your favorite directions. For France, for example, SkyTeam will be preferred. This is due to the fact that Aeroflot and AirFrance, members of this association, fly there. In Germany and Austria, Turkey it is better to choose StarAlliance. Lufthansa, Turkish, Austrian Airlines fly there. That is, the key selection criteria are the hub - the main airport of the airline, as well as the preferred directions of flights.

StarAlliance benefits include:

  • Good coverage from major airlines, especially in Europe and Africa;
  • A large number of airlines in the composition.
  • There are no Russian airlines in the composition.

Among the pluses of SkyTeam:

  • Aeroflot is among the participants.
  • Additional  baggage   is provided from the first level of the loyalty program.
  • Little-known airlines in the lineup.

In conclusion: SkyTeam or OneWorld?

There are many criteria to choose from among the available aviation alliances. Of the two presented, you should give preference to SkyTeam if your priority is luggage while traveling. This union wins during flights in Russia or Europe. StarAlliance is suitable for worldwide travel. The airlines of this union serve a wide range of destinations: USA, Canada, Europe, Asia.

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