Kiev hotel deals: get the best ones

Kiev is an outstanding city to travel to. The capital of Ukraine gathers thousands of visitors each year.
Kiev hotel deals: get the best ones

How to get the best deals in Kiev?

Kiev is an outstanding city to travel to. The capital of Ukraine gathers thousands of visitors each year.

When you are planning any trip, the first thing to take care of is the hotel and Kyiv is no exception. Since this is the capital, you will have a huge choice. Therefore, upon requesting a Kyiv hotel deals, you will be offered many options that you need to carefully study.

The main factors when choosing a hotel are:

  • Hotel location
  • The price of accommodation is one of the most important factors when choosing a hotel
  • Reviews from other guests
  • Photo
  • Cancellation conditions
  • Payment Methods
  • Additional amenities
  • Luggage storage

This article will guide you through available Kiev hotel deals and will help to make the best desition by comparing all the options offered on the market.

1- Budget and timing

First of all, decide on your budget and dates of the trip. During summertime, real estate owners tend to charge more, but you get better weather conditions and options to spend spare time in the city.

If you travel with kids, there are deals to accommodate them for free, what will allow you to save money.

2- Plan your activities

Second of all, consider the attractions you would like to visit while going through Kiev hotel deals to pick which suits you the most.

It is better to stay in the city center, as there are various public transport options available to move around easily.

That will also help you to cut the budget and save time. However, Kiev hotel deals there are sold out quicker that the once in the suburbs.

That is why starting as early as possible is a great solution.

3- Select facilities

Thirdly, decide upon facilities essential for your staying: kitchen, private bathroom, air conditioning for hot summer days, TV to dig into a favorite TV show in the evening, terrace or balcony with a picturesque view on the city, washing machine, the availability of the kettle or even a coffee-maker must be considered while picking among Kiev hotel deals.

To make the best deal, you should also decide upon facilities essential for a comfortable stay: parking if you travel by car, nearby restaurants or a private kitchen to cook at home from the local products, pet policy to take your cute family member on that great adventure as well, room service to get distracted from household chores and enjoy everything being done for you, fitness center in the walking distance for healthy lifestyle lovers, airport shuttle included in the price, SPA, Wi-Fi, swimming pool or special facilities for people with disabilities.

Which type of housing?

Kiev hotel deals also vary depending on the type of housing you are looking for. You can pick among budget hostels, private apartments, rooms, boats, or even guesthouses to get to know the locals.

There are plenty of Kiev hotel deals to choose from, as Ukraine is famous for its amazing tourist facilities. Feel free to search for whatever makes the accommodation be the best for you. All your personal preferences will be kept in mind by the estate owners.

Get hotel details in Kiev!

It has never been so easy to travel, as it is in the contemporary world we live in. Do not be afraid to take on a new adventure. To pick the best Kiev hotel deals consider all the factors given above.

Be curious to explore the beauty around you. Whether it is a business, holiday or family trip, now you are able to meet all your interests and plan the trip.

Last but not least, good luck with your new adventure to the city, known for its hospitability and unique accommodation facilities no other place has to offer!

Best hotel to get free loyalty member reward nights in Kiev

Going to Kiev, and wondering how to get free reward nights as fast as possible, which loyalty program to choose, or which hotel is best for your budget to get free nights in Kiev ?

As a basic member, you will get one free night every 8 paid nights in Holiday Inn Kiev, and one night free every 4 nights as an IHG Spire member.

Holiday Inn Kiev

See the table below for details, best choices by budget are the following :

Comparison is considering lower Loyalty program member rate as shown on the program website, for the random night of 10th of April. Rates might change depending on your exact booking.

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