Strasbourg to Kiev flights

Cheap flights from Kiev to Strasbourg

The cheapest flights from Kiev to Strasbourg are with Lufthansa for 189€ round trip flight on  WhereCanIFLY‌  with transfer in Frankfurt. Some flights can be found for a few euros less, but the connection times of more than 20hours are just unrealistic, unless you want to visit Amsterdam or another European city during transfer.

In details, our check for  Cheap Flights‌  to Kiev from Strasbourg, looking for a round trip flight with Lufthansa airlines gave us the following results:

Kiev Strasbourg flight time

The Kiev to Strasbourg flight time is 4 hours and 45 minutes with a transfer flight.

The best connection is offered by Lufthansa airlines, a StarAlliance partner, and the cheapest flights to Kiev were found to be on  WhereCanIFLY‌  flight comparison tool.

Flights to Strasbourg France from Kiev are the best way of traveling between the two cities, as the distance between Strasbourg and Kiev is 1650km as the crow flies, or 2000km driving.

 Cheap Flights‌  from Kiev to Strasbourg can be found on Where Can I FLY website.

Cheapest Strasbourg to Kiev flights

The cheapest tickets to Kiev we have found, looking for flights to Kiev Ukraine departing from Strasbourg France, have been found on WhereCanIFLY, starting at 189€ transfer flight with the StarAlliance partner Lufthansa, the largest German airline, which does not includes a free piece of luggage even for StarAlliance Gold members.

The trip consists of a 2h30 minutes bus trip from Strasbourg train station XER to Frankfurt airport FRA, and then a flight from Frankfurt international airport FRA to Kiev international airport KBP.

 Cheap Flights‌  to Strasbourg from Kiev or any other city can also be found on their website.

Cheap flights from Kiev to Strasbourg


A little more expensive than with WhereCanIFLY, the tickets SXB KBP on  Kayak‌  sell for 192€ euros also with Lufthansa airline. They generally have the cheapest flight for this connection, but we haven't been lucky on this last minute booking.


Skyscanner flights from Kiev to Strasbourg France

The  Skyscanner‌  flights are some of the most expensive ones on this route, with the low cost flights starting at 826€ for correct flights with short connection, and the Lufthansa airline flights are not available at all, as  Skyscanner‌  does not sell flights for bus stations, even from airlines, which is the highest for this flight on this route found in this comparison.

Skyscanner Strasbourg to Kiev flights

Lufthansa Kiev Strasbourg flights

The flights from Strasbourg to Kiev with Lufthansa airline on their own website is selling for a similar price than some other online travel agencies, starting at 155€ round trip without bag included, even if you are a StarAlliance member with a sufficient membership such as gold.

Lufthansa airline Kiev Strasbourg flights

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