3 best tips to visit Geneva on a budget

Most people think that Geneva is the capital of Switzerland. It's actually not. The second-largest city in Switzerland is often called city of parks because more than 20% is covered in green areas. It's also a modern, cosmopolitan city, where art, business, and luxury meet.
3 best tips to visit Geneva on a budget

Geneva on a budget, is it possible?

Most people think that Geneva is the capital of Switzerland. It's actually not. The second-largest city in Switzerland is often called city of parks because more than 20% is covered in green areas. It's also a modern, cosmopolitan city, where art, business, and luxury meet.

Not only an international economic center but also home to international organizations, like the International Red Cross Committee, World Health Organization, World Trade Organization, and many more. The city is also a base for more than a hundred foreign banks and businesses.

You probably think you have to own a bank (or rob one) to visit the city. But it is actually possible to visit Geneva on a budget and experience this beautiful city fully.

Why should you go to Switzerland?

Geneva on a budget is a viable option. It is worth using the tips to improve your journey.

There are a lot of advantages of traveling to Geneva and they are definitely worth it to start packing your bags already.

  • city cleanliness
  • safety
  • literally shampooed streets
  • convenience of public transport
  • comfort and quality

All this is worth trying to see firsthand that heaven on earth and a comfortable life in the city are possible. We will help you and offer geneva options on a budget.

Tip 1: Fly early

To get the best experience possible, you should choose an early arrival flight and as late as possible departure flight. This way, you'll have more time to explore this vibrant city.

At the International airport of Geneva, you can get a Tout Geneve ticket from the ticket machine in the  baggage   reclaim zone.

The ticket is valid only on the day of your arrival. You have 80 minutes to use public transport, you just need your boarding pass.

Tip 2:Choose a hostel

If you are visiting Geneva on a budget, you should consider a hostel. There are only two options in Geneva. Geneva Hostel and City Hostel Geneva. That's why we advise you to book your dates early, the rooms go fast.

Cheapest hostels in Geneva:

Geneva hostel is centrally located. The 19-century building is just 850 meters from the center. Not only do you get a free breakfast, but the restaurant also offers traditional Swiss cuisine in the evenings.

You can choose a simply furnished room with a private bathroom. If you like to meet new people and make friends, you can choose the classic hostel type room, hang out in the common living room or shared kitchen. You also get free WiFi, transport card, parking. If you are not a solo traveler, you can get a family room.

Geneva hostel on Booking.com

City Hostel Geneva is next to the train station and very close to Lake Geneva. They don't offer rooms with private bathrooms, but they do offer free WiFi, a great fully equipped common kitchen, and a spacious lounge with computers.

It's great for a solo traveler visiting Geneva on a budget, who wants to experience Geneva, but also stay connected. When you check-in, you also get a free public transport card for the bus, tram, boat, and train. The card is valid for the duration of your stay. In the whole city! You also get a discount for the Red Cross Museum and the City Hostel Geneva shop.

City Hostel Geneva on Booking.com

If you don't love the hostel idea, you can always choose an apartment. There are great, center-based options, with good prices, if you book early enough.

Tip 3: Enjoy the free activities

Geneva is not a very big city, so with a pair of comfortable shoes, you can explore much of it on foot. And the best part? There's plenty of free things to do and see. Do you love history? Explore the charming Old Town and the dark, gothic, 850 years old St. Pierre Cathedral. See the world's largest jet fountain, Jet D'Eau, or visit the Botanical gardens.

Enjoy Geneva's ancient architecture and rich history, but remember that this is a very dynamic city. Here everyone should be able to enjoy culture, that's why culture is supported in all its forms. Like locals, playing giant chess in the Parc des Bastions.

You can book a Free Walking Tour to get to know the best places in the city from a local guide. There are two daily free tours. At 11 am, with information about the history of Geneva, and at 2 pm about international and worldwide known organizations. Or explore the city independently. Although museums and galleries in Geneva have and entrance fee, the Musee d'Art et d'Histoire and The Natural History Museum are free.

If you would like to visit more attractions, you should consider The Geneva Pass. Available for one, two or three days, the pass covers many attractions. Boat ride on Lake Geneva, admission in almost all museums and galleries, and even to Mont Saleve Cable car.

Geneva really can be accessible on a budget!

So, if traveling to Geneva on a budget is a dream of yours, now you know it's actually possible. You just have to plan early and be prepared.

What is your accommodation preference? What type of attractions do you want to visit? What type of food do you want to try?

Don't forget to find the balance and set your priorities, and you'll be on this dream trip sooner than you think.

Best hotels to get free loyalty member reward nights in Geneva

Going to Geneva , and wondering how to get free reward nights as fast as possible, which loyalty program to choose, or which hotel is best for your budget to get free nights in Geneva ?

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