Best options for housing in Barcelona

Barcelona is an amazing city to have both a weekend or a business trip to. The unique climate, clean sea and enormous amount of tourist attractions make it a perfect place to travel to.
Best options for housing in Barcelona

Where to stay in Barcelona?

Barcelona is an amazing city to have both a weekend or a business trip to. The unique climate, clean sea and enormous amount of tourist attractions make it a perfect place to travel to.

Whether you are an experienced traveler or just a beginner, it is important to consider various areas where you can stay in Barcelona before you go there.

This article will help you with accommodation selection, for your experience to go smoothly and enjoy the city as best as possible after long working hours.

Best areas in Barcelona

Barcelona - a city that wins hearts

It is difficult to say unequivocally what is the best area to stay in barcelona, as it is very individual. To see the sights of the city itself, you need at least 3-4 days. Then you can get out of Barcelona. And depending on your itinerary, you need to choose where to stay.

There are various areas to stay in Barcelona. Among the best areas outside the city, there are various types of accommodation available. You can pick a place, which suits your budget.

And the fact of being outside of the city center will make your stay even more unforgettable, as you can live nearby such masterpieces as Sagrada Familia, Magic Fountain of Montjuic, Sant Sebastian Beach, Spanish Square, marvelous theaters or even Gaudi’s breathtaking masterpiece and the heart of the city, La Sagrada Familia.

Which facilities do you need?

While picking among the most suitable areas to stay in Barcelona it is important to keep in mind what are the facilities you need for a perfect stay.

Among them can be parking, nearby restaurants, pet policy, room service, fitness center in the walking distance, airport shuttle included in the price, SPA, Wi-Fi, swimming pool or special facilities for people with disabilities.

The vast majority of housing offered in the city will definitely meet all your interests.

Accommodation in downtown Barcelona

Another outstanding set of places among the areas to stay in Barcelona is downtown. It is preferable to book in advance if you would like to stay there, as this area attracts thousands of tourists daily.

The reason for that is the various room facilities you can choose from: kitchen, private bathroom, air conditioning, what is extremely helpful during a hot sunny day, terrace or balcony, TV, watching machine or even a coffee machine for the lovers of this drink.

This neighborhood is situated not that far from the city center. But a 750 m walk is not only a great way to do some exercises and enjoy the picturesque architecture of one of the best areas to stay in Barcelona, but ensures you have plenty of types of accommodation to pick from: hotels, apartments, guesthouses to get acquainted with local and practice Spanish are offered there.

Moreover, there are even several options to stay in the boat, what would be the most unique experiences you have ever had.

Ramblas is an interesting place among the areas to stay in Barcelona. It is close to the most popular and biggest markets in the city.

You will not only be living in the heart of the city but will have the opportunity to try local fruits, vegetables, and smoothies.

Moreover, there are plenty of souvenirs to bring home exactly at the same place, what ensures you spend your time efficiently.

Get your accommodation in Barcelona

There are plenty of outshining areas to stay in Barcelona. It is never late to explore the unknown.

That is why do not miss the opportunity to travel and enjoy your stay at one of the best apartments of this significant city.

Best hotel in Barcelona

Going to Barcelona, and wondering how to get free reward nights as fast as possible, which loyalty program to choose, or which hotel is best for your budget to get free nights in Barcelona ?

You will get one free night every 8 paid nights in Crowne Plaza Barcelona – Fira Center with IHG highest membership level.

Crowne Plaza Barcelona – Fira Center

See the table below for details, best choices by budget are the following :

Comparison is considering lower Loyalty program member rate as shown on the program website, for the random night of 10th of April. Rates might change depending on your exact booking.

See also Best hotel membership loyalty rewards program to get free nights, and Value of hotel points in case you only want to maximize your points, and look for the best program to redeem free nights.

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