Travel Around The World: Airfare Comparison

Travel Around The World: Airfare Comparison

It is most convenient to buy cheap air tickets via the Internet in the following ways:

  • On the official websites of airlines;
  • On the charter exchange;
  • on search aggregators.

To purchase cheap tickets on the website of a certain airline, you need to subscribe to their mailing list and receive news about promotions and discounts.

Several times a year, large companies hold very profitable promotions with discounts up to 50%, follow the newsletters and buy much cheaper than the standard price. Most often, airlines hold promotions and ticket sales during the off-season - in February-March and October-November.

A great way to save money is to buy a cheap ticket on the charter airline exchange, where travel agencies throw off their unsold offers. Charters are non-scheduled flights with departures on certain days and can sometimes be rescheduled or canceled, you need to be prepared for this.

Look for flight tickets on the sites:


On search aggregator sites, you can see all the offers of airlines and compare their prices. To choose the most suitable and cheapest option, you can subscribe to the direction you are interested in or connect several options: find a low cost, buy cheap flights, use the map and price calendar.

The best services for finding  Cheap Flights   are:

To keep abreast of new budget tickets for the destination you are interested in, you can subscribe to one of these sites by leaving your email. Also track cheap moeno flights in special groups and publics on social networks.

Buying tickets online is much more convenient and saves you time and money. You do not need to go to the office, you can be anywhere in the world and pay for it via the Internet. You will receive all information about the flight and an electronic ticket by mail, you just have to print it out and arrive at the airport with it and your passport.

When to buy tickets

Plan your trip and buy tickets in advance if you want to buy them at a bargain price. Usually the price increases every day for the last two weeks before departure, and when buying 2-3 months and earlier, there is a chance to save 30% of the cost of the flight. If you are planning a summer vacation in advance, then it is more profitable to buy tickets in December.

In rare cases, you may be lucky and you will get an inexpensive ticket a day or a few days before departure. If you are not strongly tied to specific numbers, always look at the price for the next date, it can be 20% cheaper.

A very important point is the choice of the day of the week and the time of departure. At the lowest cost, tickets are usually sold for morning and evening flights and in the middle of the week (from Tuesday to Thursday). Prices go up on weekends for obvious reasons. Also, during the holiday season and holidays, air tickets are more expensive, and in the off-season they can be bought much cheaper.

Do not forget to take round-trip tickets, it will be cheaper by 20-30% than if you take it separately in each direction.

When choosing a city of departure or arrival, compare the prices for air travel in neighboring cities, they can be much cheaper and can be reached by land transport (by train or bus).

For example, a flight from Moscow is cheaper than from St. Petersburg. It's the same in Europe - you can fly cheap to Brussels and from there take a bus to Paris in a couple of hours or fly to Girona and get to neighboring Barcelona by bus.

The purchase itself is best done at night or in the morning before the start of the working day - at this time there is more choice of flights and prices are lower.

It is most advantageous to buy a ticket on Wednesday at one in the morning. This is due to the fact that many airlines post discounts and special offers on Sunday or Monday evenings, you can redeem them by booking within a day, and after that on Wednesday tickets appear again at a low cost (if they are not redeemed).

Map and calendar of low prices

For the convenience of searching and booking  Cheap Flights   on aggregator sites, there is a convenient low price calendar function where you can see all offers by month and choose the cheapest option for specific dates. With the help of filters, you can exclude inappropriate options and find out information about interesting events, events and holidays in certain months.

Another convenient and original feature is the low price map. It will help you find all inexpensive options on the world map according to the specified parameters. By specifying the dates of the trip, a specific or approximate range, the desired budget for air tickets, turning on the visa filter, you will see all the most budget prices for flights to different countries.

What are low-cost airlines

A low-cost airline is a budget airline with minimal service. The low cost of a flight from low-cost airlines is set due to the lack of additional services and opportunities: non-refundable tickets, a minimum amount of luggage, paid meals during the flight.

Air tickets for flights of low-cost airlines cost from 10 euros if you buy them in advance or on a promotional basis. But in order to fly at a really low price and not face unforeseen surcharges at the airport, you need to carefully study all the rules of the low-cost airline and follow them.

First of all, this applies to baggage. Only hand luggage with a total weight of 10 kg is allowed on board the aircraft, and your suitcase or bag should not exceed the dimensions of 55 x 40 x 20 cm. Additional  baggage   is paid separately and is quite expensive. Therefore, think over this issue in advance and it is better to pay for  baggage   on the site online than to face this requirement at the airport itself and pay a much larger amount.

It is impossible to return tickets for low-cost airlines, and for changing the date you will be asked to pay a fine, that is, in case of changes in plans, it will be much easier to buy a new ticket.

Also pay attention to the location of the airport you are flying into. For example, when flying to Milan, Düsseldorf, Munich, you do not arrive in the city itself, but in a neighboring suburb, which can be 50 km away. In this case, you will have the opportunity to see a new city and save on housing, which will cost much cheaper than neighboring tourist Milan.

If there is no time and desire for this, then find out in advance how to get by train or bus to the city you need and check the schedule so that you do not have to pay for an expensive taxi.

Low-cost airlines with flights within Europe:

  • Ryanair;
  • Easy Jet;
  • Germanwings;
  • Wizz Air;
  • Air Italy;
  • Air Baltic.

The cheapest flights

The cheapest flights on search aggregator sites can be found by choosing a flight with transit or stopover. Transfer at the airport can be from several hours to several days, which will give you an additional opportunity to visit another country.

Having chosen a long transfer from a day, you can use a stopover, connecting it for free or for a fee, depending on the number of transit days. Not all airlines provide this service, for this, when booking, you must select a “component or complex route”. If you need an additional transit visa, the airline will help you get it, as well as provide a transfer and a discount on hotel accommodation.

Most often, transfers and stopovers are used for trips with long flights to countries and destinations such as the USA, Canada, Southeast Asia, Latin America with transfers in Istanbul, Dubai, Doha, Singapore, New York, Bangkok, etc. This service of long transfers is most often carried out by large airlines, for example, Turkish Airlines, Emirates Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airlines, Etihad Airways.

Buying air tickets with transit or stopover not only reduces their cost, but also allows you to take a break from long flights and see another country for the same money.

How to redeem airline miles

If you often fly with the same airline, then earn miles and buy cheaper tickets. A mile is the distance you travel. Accordingly, the further you fly, the more bonus miles you will receive.

The most popular loyalty programs for buying air tickets:

With the accumulated miles, you can get new tickets, use business class instead of economy class, or receive nice gifts from partners in the form of a discount to a restaurant or spa.

Large banks cooperate with many airlines and have a joint loyalty program. By making purchases using their joint partner card, you will also be able to receive bonuses, which you can then spend on buying a ticket.

Now let's take a closer look at how to accumulate miles and use them correctly.

  1. It is necessary to register in the loyalty program and subscribe to the newsletter in order to receive all news about ticket promotions, partner programs and all changes in the bonus program.
  2. Earn miles in flight. To do this, during online check-in or at the airport, enter your card number in the loyalty program.
  3. Earn miles without traveling. Use cards for payment and get bonuses. You can view the entire list of loyalty program partners on the site and use their services. It can be not only banks and their cards, but also hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, etc.
  4. Make the most of all the benefits of participating in the loyalty program - you can spend time in the business class lounge, skip the boarding line, take extra  baggage   for free.
  5. Keep up to date with the latest sales and promotions to make the most of your miles. You can redeem your miles for airfare and fuel surcharges or just airfare and pay fees separately. Or take the opportunity to fly long distance business class. If you are a Miles More member, you can use the miles you have earned to shop at the Miles More Shop or pay for hotels.

How to return part of the money from purchased tickets

Recently, it is very popular to return part of the purchase price using an affiliate program. The same goes for air tickets.

To do this, you need to register in an affiliate program on one of the sites, go through a special referral link, purchase a ticket and receive compensation for the purchase in the amount of several percent. The larger the purchase amount or the number of flights, the more money you can get back.

This is a great savings option. From each ticket you can return 0.5 - 3% of the cost. This will be more noticeable if you fly frequently.

You can get cashback on the following sites:

The most important tricks when buying airline tickets

With each purchase or search, the computer remembers all your actions, and with your next call, you already see prices with an increased cost. To avoid this and outwit the system, while saving a lot, I have a few tips:

  • Turn on incognito mode so that the browser shows new data each time and does not remember your past requests. To do this, use the keys Ctrl + Shift + N in the Google Chrome browser; Ctrl + Shift + P in the Internet Explorer browser, and in the Opera browser, select Tabs and windows and Create a private window.
  • Clear the cache in the computer - this is necessary to clear your browsing history. If you have already searched for low-cost air travel, then when you repeat the same request “Buy cheap tickets”, the system remembers your data and gives you limited results.
  • Use anonymizers to hide your location.
  • Don't use a MacBook when booking or buying flights - many airlines are tailored to a specific laptop model, and when buying with a MacBook, you will be shown the most expensive options.
  • When booking on special search sites, use complex (multipart) routes. By choosing several cities for a trip, you can save a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can regularly comparing airline tickets help you?
If you are an avid traveler, then frequent comparison of air tickets is very important for you. With proper monitoring, you can save a lot of money and spend this money on new travel experiences.

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