How to Be an Eco-Friendly Traveler
273 views · Dec 17, 2021
4 tips to help preserve the environment this summer

Around 460 days ago—almost 11,000 total hours—COVID-19 started to make its way into the world and changed our lives forever.

We are and should be held accountable for any loss in our environment, and any damage that results from our direct interactions with nature, at home or while traveling abroad.

Below you’ll find 4 important strategies that will help you lessen the impact of your adventures on Mother Earth, plus plenty of reasons to be excited about adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle ‌ for the long-term, not just while traveling abroad.

An Eco-Friendly Guide to Post-Pandemic Travel

We’d all like to travel the world as much as humanly possible while we’re here, and getting into the right mindset can help preserve our planet for generations to come, so that everyone that comes after us can enjoy the wonders nature has to offer while still making sure that our precious planet endures.

Although some would argue that carbon offsetting ‌ is a modern way of reducing your carbon emissions, this topic is outside the scope of this article, so we’ll only focus on strategies that can be adapted to everyday life—not just for when you’re visiting a beautiful city!

Five Strategies to Help You Protect the Planet While Abroad

Tip #1: Consumption Strategy

Adopting a healthier diet means consuming way less than what we’re programmed to think is healthy.

Tip #2: Transportation

If you want to reduce your carbon emissions, consider taking a bus or train to work instead of driving your own car.

Tip #3: Think through the Destination

Unless you’re planning a trip to a heavily populated city where there already is a scarcity of green areas and parks to visit, you almost always have options to enjoy a nice day outdoors.

Tip #4: Enjoy yourself!

By simply thinking about our impact on the environment, we’re already making strides towards a greener future, while setting the tone for our younger generations who will, in turn, do the same when it is their time.

Adopting these strategies for daily life

With small, incremental changes, these strategies can also be applied to everyday life, and once you’ve got your foot in the door, you’ll start to see why it’s important for all of us to address ourselves in the race to save our planet.
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