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Top 10 Countries to Get All the Pleasure of Online Dating
447 views · Dec 17, 2021
Online dating has taken over the whole world.

However, some countries are especially open to such relationships.

Find out where and how you can plunge into the romantic world of another country.

During the short time that the pandemic manages new social rules, the best online dating sites ‌ have become an integral part of our life.

So you've met a hot partner on a dating site and are heading to a new country for a first date?

Or have you been traveling and decided to add some romance to your vacation with a dating app?

Each country has its traditions and rules.

How to get the most out of online dating from different countries?


Germany stands for gender equality; girls are often the first to take the initiative and invite guys on a date after crossing their online dating profile.

Despite their accuracy, the Germans are quite free and uninhibited.

It is common for them to invite a girl on a date to a usual bar, not a romantic restaurant, and drink anything and in any quantity.

However, topics about ex relationships, money, politics, health, and religion are best avoided on the first date.


Pleasant climate, sunny beaches, and open, smiling people.

All this is favorable to the lightness of romance and the emotional nature of the locals.

Before a date with an Argentine, you should take care of fresh breath.


Online dating apps and foreign countries have become trendy in China.

Chinese men are very gallant and are ready to invest an unlimited amount of money, time, and attention in their chosen one.


Tinder in Norway is slowly turning into a one-night stand trend.

But there is also something romantic about Scandinavian online dating in other countries.

Equality, independence, and self-sufficiency.


Don't expect a Swede to take you to a restaurant on your first date.

First, you go for coffee or beer and, if everything goes great, only then can you count on a romantic dinner.


The air everywhere in France is saturated with romance and love.

Here, it is common to kiss a potential boyfriend or girlfriend on both cheeks on a first date.

Here, people first become lovers and continue to develop relationships later.


Australians lead an active lifestyle and often go out into the countryside, so your perfect first date can be quite active.

Unlike many European countries, it is considered common to drink beer instead of wine on the first date in Australia.


Spanish people differ from the rest with their quick temper and love for online dating in different countries.

If a guy invites you to lunch – he likes you, for dinner – he has very serious intentions, and if you skip a couple of cocktails – he wants intimacy with you.


Italians are considered the most passionate representatives of Europe, although they have their own rules of flirting.

If you like a person, don't tell them about your past relationship or talk about your health issues.


It is better to kiss your partner once on the cheek (in Rio de Janeiro – twice) since a handshake will be considered too cold and unfriendly gesture.


Online dating is popular worldwide, so don't hesitate to find a serious relationship or light flirting for one night in another country.
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