Omio Review: Why Is It So Bad And What Are The Alternatives?

Omio Review: Why Is It So Bad And What Are The Alternatives?

Hello there guys! In today's article, we are going to take a look at Omio, which is an app that provides you with all of the necessary details that you need to know about transport tickets in a single place. Apart from that, we will also take a look at some of its competitors to discover more about other alternatives that you may use. Without delaying any more time, let's jump right into the article!

Why Is Omio So Bad?

Omio doesn't offer you the flexibility like other apps such as Momondo or Skyscanner. For instance, you can search every month on  Skyscanner   to get an overview of the best deals during that period. However, that's not the case with Omio as you will be required to fill in a specific date. Next, the size of the area of coverage is also small and you will find that there will either be less or no service at all for unpopular spots. If you plan to travel to less popular places in Europe then Omio is definitely not for you.

Why We Should Avoid Omio?

The answer is quite simple. To avoid wasting your time, energy, and money. If you don't want to download an app that will not only consumes your time downloading it and your phone's battery then you should definitely stay away from Omio. This is because at the end of the day, what's the point of having an app on your phone that can't even do what it's supposed to do in the first place just because you want to travel to some unpopular spots in Europe?

Why We Would Be Better Try Omio Alternatives?

Other alternatives provide far better services and offer plenty of discounted trips at competitive rates. Ease of use, clear and transparent fare charges and the ability to change your seats and receive real-time flight information are just some of the interesting features that Omio doesn't offer you so you might want to think twice before using Omio. On top of that, Omio also doesn't show you all of the available routes that you may choose to get from one point to the other. This would not only create a false impression that there's no other alternative way to go to the desired destination but it also causes confusion to the users.

The best Omio alternatives for train, bus and flight tickets

Best Omio alternative for flight tickets:  Skyscanner   is best at flights comparison and booking, with the largest flights selection and the best prices due to many partnerships, including airlines official websites directly, contrary to Omio.

Best Omio alternative for bus tickets: BusBud is best at buses comparison and booking, with many partners and lot of details.

Best Omio alternative for train tickets: 12Go is best at trains comparison and booking with a choice of tickets worldwide: Asia, Europe, North America, ...

Best Omio alternative for ferry tickets: 12Go is best at ferries comparison and booking with a choice of tickets worldwide: Asia, Europe, North America, ...

Omio - A Website and App to Buy Transport Tickets

For those of you that are not familiar with Omio, it's a platform that allows you to buy tickets for your flights, trains, buses, and ferries. Omio is very simple to use as you only need to key in the route that you want to travel and all of the available options via trains, buses, and flights will be displayed automatically. However, one of the things that make Omio unpleasant to use is that not every country in Europe is covered as most of the beaten path destinations would either have less or no information at all.

For instance, if you try to search for famous routes in Georgia like Batumi to Tbilisi or Kutaisi to Tbilisi, you will not be able to book the tickets and the information provided will be extremely limited. In other destinations like the Balkans, Omio only displays a limited number of search results which can be quite misleading as it gives a false impression that those are the only routes available. Next, finding an affordable flight ticket on Omio is difficult. Despite Omio providing its user with the option to search for flight tickets on its platform, it might not be as simple as you thought it would be. The reason being is that you will not be able to search based on a calendar of dates and you will not have the flexibility in the destination in order to search for an ideal price for the route you want to take.

Omio Pros and Cons

  • Simple to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Not all countries in Europe are covered
  • It's difficult to find affordable flight tickets
  • Incomplete or no data displayed in certain areas
  • Less flexibility when looking for flights

Omio rating: 2 / 5

We would give Omio a rating of 2 out of 5 stars ratings.

★★☆☆☆ Omio Booking In a nutshell, we wouldn't recommend you to use Omio as the area of coverage for its service is small and the quality of the service provided by the platform is not that good either.

What are the Alternatives to Omio?

1. Fairtiq - Easiest Public Transport Ticket Platform

Fairtiq is a type of cross-platform app and website that allows you to search for affordable tickets for multiple destinations across Europe. One of the best features is that you don't have to buy tickets in advance or worry about selecting the right zone. The app will always show you the solution that will offer you the best deal right after the journey has been completed. Apart from that, the next best thing about Fairtiq is that it allows you to change your directions so that you may move between trams, buses, and trains.

Fairtiq provides an ideal solution to stop all of the hassles and complications to provide its users with an enjoyable traveling experience. On top of that, the app is also extremely simple to use as you only need to tap the Start button before every journey. You may do this right before you are about to enter your bus, boat, or train. Then, you may give the confirmation to the conductor by clicking on the Show Ticket button to reveal the QR code. There are plenty of locations that you can travel to and from such as Flensburg, Halle, Gottingen, and Wurzburg.

Fairtiq Pros and Cons

  • Easy and simple to use
  • Offers plenty of cheap tickets across Europe
  • You don't have to buy a ticket in advance
  • Includes multiple locations
  • Allows you to change your directions
  • You may only buy tickets for yourself


We would give Fairtiq a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

★★★★⋆ Fairtiq Booking Fairtiq is one of the best alternatives that you may use as the area of coverage is large and it's also simple and easy to use. On top of that, Fairtiq also ensures that it would charge the lowest possible fare for your travels. You will be able to view the Standard price that you would be charged without using Fairtiq as well as the Charged Price to make a comparison between those two.

2. Opodo - Online Travel Agency

Opodo is an online travel agency that provides its services via a website and cross-platform mobile device app that allows you to save money by searching for flight deals offered at an affordable price. The mobile app is extremely easy to use as you only have to enter the location of travel, specify your current destination and time seats and press enter to get your result. You may also book your trip from their official website if you're using a computer. The solution is preferred by many users as it helps to provide them with many cheap trips that are usually offered at discounted rates.

On top of that, you may also find affordable flights offered from over 600 airlines and the ticket can be either multi-city or one-way. There are a lot of flight types and they consist of long-distance flights to  Cheap Flights   with popular airlines across the world such as Ryanair, Easyjet, Air Europa, British Airways, and United Airlines. Besides that, users may also choose to book their hotels from the app and other accommodations needs for any type of trip regardless of the budget size.

Opodo Pros and Cons

  • There are plenty of cheap flight deals
  • The app is easy to use
  • You may also use it to handle your accommodation needs
  • Their official website can also be used to make your bookings
  • The website offers plenty of upsells during checkout which can be quite annoying


We would give it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

★★★★☆ Opodo Booking Overall, Opodo is a decent platform to use to handle all of your traveling needs however one of the disadvantages of using Opodo is that you will need to face all of the annoying upsells that the app and website have to offer you during your checkout process.

3. Infobus - Best Source to Book Bus, Train, and Plane Tickets

Infobus can be considered to be one of the best sources for booking tickets for trains, flights, and buses. Just like the previous alternatives, Infobus allows you to make your booking from either the official website or mobile app. The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android and it allows you to book your tickets from almost anywhere and at any time that you need. The process of booking your transport is straightforward as you only need to pick the type of transport that you need, key in the location of the departure and destination, and indicate the time to get your search results.

The app will require some time to find the best deals in your local area to display on your screen so you will need to wait for a few moments. One of the best features of this app is that everyone can make a comparison to find the best deal. Some of the key features of the app include booking and purchasing tickets from almost anywhere at any time, checking the schedule of your flights, getting bonuses, and keeping all of your tickets inside the app.

Infobus Pros and Cons

  • Ease of use
  • Saves you plenty of time
  • Provides multiple best deals for your convenience
  • Allows you to make comparisons with other deals
  • The quality of customer service is poor


However, since the quality of the customer service is quite low, We would give Infobus a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

★★★★⋆ Infobus Booking Infobus can be considered as the next best option after Fairtiq as it provides multiple affordable options for you and it also offers some bonuses which you can redeem to get some discounts on your trips. However, the quality of the customer service is quite low.

4. Eurowings - Online Platform to Book Cheap Flights

Eurowings is an ideal choice for tourists, travelers, and explorers to search for cheap flight deals. You may use either the website or the mobile app to book your tickets online. The mobile app is currently available for both iOS and Android so you should be able to download it regardless of your smartphone operating system. The solution provided by Eurowings helps you to save time and money by searching for cheap deals on its platform. It supports a lot of famous flights to ensure that you will be able to book your favorite flight that you're most comfortable with.

Besides that, there are also other advantages of using Eurowings like mobile travel management, special assistance, as well as extra services such as changing seats, adding luggage, and getting real-time information regarding your flight. On top of that, the booking and search engine is truly holistic and it allows you to find and book flights easily with over 150 destinations across Europe. If you want to get the tariff overview to make it easier for you to make a comparison between other alternatives, then you may use the savings calendar provided. On top of that, you may also leverage the app to manage all your trips with flight schedules and history.

Eurowings Pros and Cons

  • Makes it easy for you to find cheap flight deals
  • Available on iOS and Android devices
  • Helps you to save money and time
  • Plenty of extra services such as changing seats, getting real-time flight information, and adding luggage
  • Gain access to additional perks such as Boomerang Club to earn Lufthansa Miles
  • It's pretty difficult to file for a refund in case you need one


However, since it's quite difficult for its users to get a refund which is an important factor that needs to be considered, We decided to give it a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

★★★★☆ EuroWings Booking In conclusion, Eurowings is another fantastic app that you may use for your traveling needs as it offers a lot of benefits such as having the ability to change your seats, earn bonus miles, and get access to cheap flights. However, it's quite difficult for its users to get a refund which is an important factor that needs to be considered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Omio a legit website?
Yes, this is the official website of a company registered in 2013 with headquarters in the capital of Germany. The site provides services for Booking Air Tickets, Returning Air Tickets, Buying Air Tickets and is regulated by the Internal Revenue Service, USA.

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